Donald Trump, Ivanka, & Family Arrive in New Jersey for Vacation

The White House reading letters from kids stroking Trump's ego is a new low

Washington in complete disarray as the fight between President Trump and the Washington establishment better known as the "Deep State" continues.

President Donald Trump escaped Washington for his golf club in New Jersey without taking questions on the Russian Federation investigation.

Mr Trump said Mr Mueller would be "crossing a red line" if he began to investigate the president's finances and business dealings.

On Wednesday, he posted photos from official White House events on small businesses with his daughter and Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon, an immigration announcement and a Monday event honoring a Vietnam veteran with the Medal of Honor.

The Trump administration may complain all day about leaks, but leaks are increasingly the only way the American public can learn what the administration is really doing.

But Thursday's revelation went too for some Democrats, who warned that the release of the president's private conversations with foreign leaders is a bridge too far.

"The Secret Service takes them all, so I know he's coming", Dragseth says. "There's a somewhat naive assumption that anything is leaked and is represented as being a transcript must be a transcript". But when The Washington Post later reported that the President had dictated the statement for his son, Ms. Sanders acknowledged that Mr. Trump had "weighed in" on his son's statement "as any father would based on the limited information that he had". He received the votes of nearly 63 million Americans, the highest total ever for a Republican Party presidential candidate.

U.S. presidents almost always leave Washington in August. It's because the leaders of other countries need to know that if they have private and candid conversations with the president of the United States, they will not be putting their country's relationship with the USA or their own relationship with their own people at risk due to their candor. And using children to distract from the most recent scandal or firing is low, even for Trump. President Trump has been battered by 126 leaks in the first 125 days of his administration.

However, Mr Trump has hit back, denying he made the remark.

President Trump speaks on the phone with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington.

"The nature of this particular leak suggests just such a national-security establishment origin".

Still, the origins of the leak are unlikely to be clear-cut, and finding the culprits could prove hard. Kathleen Hall Jamieson, communications professor at the University of Pennsylvania, said many readers may be drawn to the transcripts just because Trump has such a quirky way of talking.

The memorandum is then logged and registered as the official US record of the meeting and kept on file either at the NSC or State Department.

The notes were likely taken by a National Security Council official, who then put the conversations into a memorandum of conversation which is then sent through an editing and approval process by senior officials on the NSC.



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