What Are Online Games

What Are Online Games

When you begin to play games for real money do they, in essence, remain a game, really? Essentially the term game has been taken to mean anything that used to be done for recreational purposes. And in some cases, it is even used to refer to something that is done elsewhere for an income but now being done for recreation. A good example is what is commonly called war games. These are military exercises in which the soldiers pretend to be at war just to amuse spectators.  

But even as everything can now be called a game there are games that will always retain the name game. Casino games may now be played on professional circuits like the World Poker Series but they will always be called games. This is because even when these games were created they were meant to be played for real money. If we are all honest with each other, there is no denying that when real money is involved the activity is no longer for leisure. It becomes a competitive activity. 

Therefore even if flash casino games can be played for free at many online casinos they will never be in the same category as games social games. The social games include snakes and ladders, hide & seek and even PlayStation games. This is because these games were designed to be played in a non-competitive arena. Although some people have taken these games and made them into competitive sports. 

There is a massive drive in the world to start recognising that e-sports as actual sports. This means that people who play these games will be able to compete alongside other athletes at events like the Olympics.  Already there are several tournaments in which e-sport’s stars compete and earn huge real money prizes. Most of these new sports stars are not well built, dark and smelling of sweat. Instead, they look like they have an assortment of eating disorders and they are pale. Physical adjustments of the bodies to their work environment. 




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