McCain Slams Trump, Backs Top General in Afghanistan


The network said he also proposed firing Army Gen. John Nicholson, the top USA commander in Afghanistan, during the heated Situation Room exchange.

"Gen. John Nicholson has served our country with honor and distinction for 35 years. He has earned the trust and admiration of those he has served with, and he has earned my full confidence".

"The president's national security team is developing a comprehensive, integrated strategy for South Asia that utilizes all aspects of our national power to address this complex region", said NSC spokesman Michael Anton in a statement. To an unserious president like Donald Trump, military victories are there for the taking, like elimination challenges, so it makes sense that there's confusion on the part of the commander-in-chief with why he hasn't been able to bring the hammer down on the 15-year-old conflict.

The meeting was called to consider a new strategy for Afghanistan and the region that Mattis has been preparing and had tentatively promised to deliver by mid-July.

In a show of frustration, the U.S. president recently suggested the sacking of his top general in Afghanistan, saying the world's sole superpower was not winning the war.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Dunford at one point offered to set up a meeting between Trump and Nicholson, the general leading the Afghanistan effort, since Trump has never met him.

Mattis, McMaster and other top aides are putting together answers to Trump's questions in a way to try to get him to approve the strategy, the officials said.

"We aren't winning", Trump said, according to officials speaking to NBC.

USA troops assess the damage to an armoured vehicle of NATO-led military coalition after a suicide bomber's attack in Kandahar province, Afghanistan on Wednesday.

Gorka did admit that "nothing is carved in stone", and that "He wants everyone to look at the core assumptions upon which our plans are based, and say are these assumptions sound".

Tragically, it also proves Trump's administration has no strategy for Afghanistan.

During a stormy meeting at the White House in July, Donald Trump voiced frustration over a delay in crafting a new U.S. strategy for Afghanistan, according to a USA news channel.

"We are losing", NBC News quoted the official as saying what Trump felt over the situation in Afghanistan. But there has been an uptick in recent months as United States forces have become more directly involved in the fight against the local ISIS affiliate.



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