Bruce Smith praises maturity of Browns DE Myles Garrett

Virginia Tech football: Bruce Smith works with Cleveland Browns defensive linemen

Smith was asked about their initial meeting, and he admitted to telling Garrett that he's occasionally slow off the ball. That's something I'm looking forward to doing this season.

Although Smith was in attendance to see Garrett, that didn't stop him from working with Cleveland's entire defensive line.

"I want to be specific about that because I made it clear when I was studying film with him when he was being drafted", Smith said.

Garrett took the first step to being the player on Wednesday during an afternoon practice in Berea.

Days earlier in training camp, Garrett appeared to have earned himself a sack, but the team has been stingy in giving him full credit for them when it comes to counting stats.

"I've already lived through this experience, so it's somewhat easy for me to identify to and relate to", he said. He says Garrett is open to advice, and that should be beneficial to the Browns. "You have to do it every day and keep getting better". "You're going to get better each day by doing that".

Of course, he's also being brought along slowly by the Browns, who only worked him in with the starters for the first time Wednesday in front of their esteemed guest. "I'm not surprised by anything he does, he just has to do it every day. If anybody can give him some good instruction on what they have seen through the years it is going to be Joe, and then it is good for Joe to go against somebody with that kind of explosion and that kind of speed and quickness". "To be able to communicate with him after a play is over, after a pass rush". So many interactions that a lot of times as players, we don't even remember it, but then when word gets out on one thing or another it becomes the talk of the town necessarily.

"He has earned it", said Jackson.

Coach Hue Jackson said it was mere coincidence that Smith happened to be at practice on the day Garrett moved up. "I can only keep him down there for so long".

"A very intelligent young man, so it's not going to take him long to figure this game out", Smith said. "He's trying to gather as much information as he possibly can so he can use this information to make him a better player in his first year and in his second year, as opposed to later on down the line in his career".



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