White House: Trump Not Reneging on LGBTQ Support With Transgender Ban

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was interviewed Sunday morning by ABC News George Stephanopoulos who got her to say that the White House now supported a Russian sanctions bill it previously fought back against

Sanders, kicking off her first briefing as the White House Press Secretary, noted that the Trump administration was going to begin doing things differently for the press.

"Disgusting", "ugly", "un-American" and "hateful" were among the reactions state and Southland Democratic political leaders had Wednesday to President Donald Trump's announcement that transgender people will be barred from serving in the military.

"The decision is based on a military decision", Sanders said. "I think she's phenomenal there now, but like every athlete training for the Olympics, every day we've got to make ourselves incrementally better". He moved up his start-date from August 15 to Wednesday, which one White House official said was an effort to thwart any attempt by Priebus to derail the move, and he has been threatening to fire anyone who doesn't fully support the president - along with launching a very public attack on Priebus that has unfolded on Twitter and cable news like scenes in a scripted reality television show.

Pressed on whether she could speak to Trump's confidence in Priebus, who newly minted White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci appeared to knife on Thursday morning, Sanders demurred. "I'm nine years old and you are my favorite president. I was 31 years old, I had never lived or worked in Washington and I was a woman", Myers wrote in her 2008 book. "My cake was the shape of your hat".

Q: What happens to transgender servicemembers now?

Irking reporters was precisely the point - and a prime example of why putting the briefings back on television is a smart move by the White House.

Some tweets were more pointed.

The Pentagon made clear that it was not part of the final decision, telling reporters to call the White House for an explanation - but there was no answer by the afternoon to the simple question of would transgender service members be booted immediately out of the military. It took about an hour to white out Dylan's last name, which she had already read aloud earlier.

She resisted the urge to add, "I know it was you, Fredo". "But I also hope to send my daughter a message and to every other kid in America: Don't listen to the critics; dream big, and fulfill your potential, because in this country, you still can".

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