Spielberg revealed the first trailer of 'Ready Player One'

Ready Player One trailer revealed

The film is based on a book of the same name by Ernest Cline. I feel very fortunate though that I wrote a book predicting the potential of virtual reality right at a time when it was about to come about.

Jurassic Park is one giant example of his abilities. Earth has been ravaged by an energy crisis and civilized society is crumbling. Do not get us wrong we are all Spielberg fans, as most movie goers will n doubt be - his contribution to Hollywood and many of our childhoods is beyond measure, and most of his movies are guaranteed to be successful movie commercially and critically.

Citizens can live an entire virtual-reality life inside the OASIS, complete with schools and currency.

Here's a synopsis: Set in the near future, Ready Player One follows outcast teenager Wade Watts (Sheridan), who escapes from his bleak surroundings by logging in to the OASIS, a globally networked virtual utopia where users can lead idyllic alternate lives. Ready Player One is packed with nostalgia for the golden age of geek, and it's clear from this trailer that we're going to see that in the film, too.

And, keeping in line with the novel itself, the still contained multiple Easter eggs, including a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe tin lunchbox and a photo of Halliday on the cover of Wired magazine.

Watch the trailer above to catch more references - including a look at the "Back to the Future" inspired DeLorean racing through the Oasis.

We can then see the character alongside Freddy Krueger, the monster from the Clutches of the night, the Giant of the iron Giant and trying to make the race with the famous vehicle DeLorean from Back to the future, while avoiding huge wrecking balls.

It's already clear from the trailer that the film will feature loads of references for movie-goers to find when it releases in 2018.



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