Presidential election 2017: Close to 99 per cent voting

1,581 MPs with criminal background will elect next President of India

A total of 714 MPs voted in the Presidential polls in Parliament House.

Kovind, a former Bihar Governor, has an advantage over Meira Kumar, a former Lok Sabha Speaker, as the numbers are stacked in favour of the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA). The counting of votes will take place on July 20 in New Delhi where all the ballot boxes will be brought from various state capitals.

The time has come to elect the 14 President of the Republic of India, who is the Head of state of India and the Commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces.

Three MPs from the state - Shantaram Naik (Rajya Sabha), Shripad Naik (Lok Sabha) and Narendra Sawaikar (Lok Sabha) will cast their votes in Delhi. The halfway mark is expected to be 549,442, but that will depend on the number of valid votes.

The value of one MP's vote is 708 while that of an MLA depends on the size of the respective state assemblies as well as the population in that particular state.

Polling will be held in the central hall of the Assembly. "9-10 states have witnessed 100 percent voting and overall 98 percent-99 percent", Anoop Mishra, Returning Officer of Presidential election, said.

Ruling NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind and joint Opposition candidate Meira Kumar, both Dalits, are pitted against each other in the election. The Electoral College which elects the President through the system of proportional representation comprises MPs and members of state legislative assemblies. Among the first MLAs to vote was BJP MLA C.T. Ravi.

In Uttar Pradesh, voting for Presidential Elections concluded peacefully amid tight security. While Chief Minister K Palaniswami was the first to cast his vote at 10 am, AIADMK (Puratchi Thalaivi Amma) legislator and former Minister S Semmalai was the last to exercise his franchise by 11.56 am. Many legislators were seen queuing up outside the polling centre to cast their votes. It has also allowed five MLAs to vote in the Parliament and four MLAs to vote in other state legislative assemblies. Then the special pens with violet ink will be given to the elector for marking the ballots, which would be in two colours - green for MPs and pink for MLAs.



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