Theresa May Urges Rivals in Parliament to Come Forward with Ideas

Theresa May

"My husband watched it for me and came and told me, and I was shocked at the result that came through in the exit poll".

The Prime Minister then called a snap election whilst riding high in the polls, but lost her Commons majority and had to make £1billion deal with the DUP to stay in power.

May went into the June 8 snap election in a bid to boost her small 17-seat majority in the House of Commons but instead her Conservative Party only won 318 seats, eight short of the numbers needed to command even a one-seat majority.

According to the head of the British government, she took as much as a few minutes to realize the news. "My husband gave me a hug", she added, before revealing she shed a "little tear".

She said she was "devastated".

"It is one of the most significant pieces of legislation that has ever passed through Parliament and is a major milestone in the process of our withdrawal from the European Union", Brexit minister David Davis said in a statement The publication of the bill is the first step in a long legislative process, with no formal debate in parliament expected on Thursday.

Asked if she started to cry on hearing the result, the PM told presenter Emma Barnett, "Yes, a little tear at that moment".

"When it came to the actual result there were a lot of people within the party who had been very close to the campaign who were genuinely shocked by the result as it came through", she said.

A leading commentator called her "Maybot", while her oft-repeated phrases such as "strong and stable, ' "Brexit means Brexit" and 'enough is enough" were lampooned, prompting campaign managers to change course. We didn't see that result coming.

This follows an interview published in The Sun on Thursday where she gave the biggest hint yet that she might not be prime minister going into the next election, saying: "What I want to do is just recognise that there is a job to be done here, over the next few years. But there's also a responsibility for the future, for the country, and that was about ensuring the country had a government". "I called the election campaign and I led the campaign and I take responsibility for it".

"What I've said to my colleagues, is that I got us into this and I'm going to work to get us out".

"Looking back on the campaign, I realise now and regret that we were not making more of that", she said.



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