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China's overseas shipments rose from a year earlier in June as global demand holds up and trade tensions with the USA are kept in check amid ongoing talks.

About 90 percent of North Korea's exports go to China, and coal has been the single-biggest export item.

"Simple accumulated data can not be used as evidence to question China's severe attitude in carrying out UN Security Council resolutions", Huang told a news briefing.

Cui said China backed further United Nations action against North Korea for violations of United Nations resolutions such as nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

China, the world's largest coal buyer, imported 21.6 million tonnes of coal in June, down from a month ago, preliminary customs data showed on Thursday. Imports have fallen since March, when they declined 36.5 percent, he said.

China's defense of the trades comes after Trump has repeatedly pressed Chinese President Xi Jinping about adding additional pressure to stop the North's pursuit of a nuclear weapon.

China's ambassador to the United States has said reports of trade growth between his country and North Korea, in spite of worldwide efforts to press Pyongyang to give up its nuclear and missile programs, give "a distorted picture".

Huang said the price fluctuation of commodities could also potentially boost the trade figure as measured by value.

US President Donald Trump later complained that trade had gone up between the countries after he had called on Beijing to use its diplomatic and economic clout over its neighbour to convince Pyongyang to drop its nuclear programme.

While China's exports were likely to remain strong, "we are sceptical that the current pace of imports can be sustained for much longer given the increasing headwinds to China's economy from policy tightening", said Julian-Evans Pritchard, China economist at Capital Economics.

China has always been the North's main diplomatic defender but increasingly expresses frustration with leader Kim Jong UN's provocative behavior.

But many North Korea analysts suggest China will not take any action that could seriously undermine the regime because Beijing's top priority is stability.



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