Secretaries of State stop submitting voter data to Trump commission

Seminole elections supervisor says people are calling to get off voter rolls

After legal challenges surfaced in response to the data grab, President Donald Trump's voter fraud commission told states on Monday to wait to comply with its recent request for extensive voter information.

Trump created the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity in May, with Vice President Mike Pence at the helm and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach as vice chairman.

Lawsuits challenging the commission's request for the data have been filed across the country.

A third suit, by the advocacy group Public Citizen, argues that the commission is violating the federal Privacy Act by designating the Army to collect data on voters' registrations and voting histories and other identifying data, including partial Social Security numbers and birthdates. Dudley noted that the commission's failure to submit its request to states on their voter registration rolls through OIRA violates a 1980 law known as the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA).

Several civil rights organizations have filed lawsuits challenging the Presidential Election Commission, which the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) sued last week.

"The context is that they're asking for the information that is publicly available, and we will provide the publicly available information - just like anyone in the state can grab a CD of it for 50 bucks", he told Colorado Politics.

"Typically I try to explain to people that if they do unregister, they are giving a win to Trump and his cohorts". But so far, the only meeting the commission has held was private.

Adams has also advocated against automatic voter registration, calling it a partisan vehicle for fraud and claiming: "Voter registration takes forethought and initiative, something lacking in large segments of the Democrat base". While Matthew McClellan, director of communications for the OH secretary of state, told ABC News that he was "not aware of increase or change in people asking to unregister", both MI and Tennessee noted that at the state level there is no system in place to track this kind of information.

Some of the public uproar is more directed to the goal of this commission. The emphatic rejections are based on concerns over federal intrusion into states' affairs and huge technical difficulties in complying, not to mention the commission's transparent goal. Trump responded to repeated requests to back up his claim that as many as five million people had illegally cast ballots in the election - all against him, of course - by forming this bogus commission.

EPIC challenged Kobach on that decision and submitted to the judge an exhibit they said showed that the website was "not a secure website for the transfer of personal data".

Alabama's secretary of state said in a phone interview from a National Association of Secretaries of State convention that his office will not provide any voter data to the president's Federal Advisory Commission.

Kobach last week labeled news accounts of the states' pushback against the sweeping request as more "fake news", echoing Trump in the ongoing war of words with much of the mainstream news media.

"The circumstances surrounding the creation of the commission - as well as its current makeup and the lack of transparency that's been sort of the hallmark of the commission so far - has been extremely alarming", Lin Lakin said. They say the commission's request - if compiled into a database - could put the nation's voter rolls at risk of hacking, manipulation and other nefarious possibilities.



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