Oculus Rift and Touch bundle gets a big discount in summer sale

Oculus Rift

If you've been on the fence about getting a high-end virtual reality headset, Oculus has an aggressive promotion created to get you on board.

Facebook said it has provided more than $250 million in funding to developers to drive more content for the Rift. (Ironically the Rift launched at £500 in the United Kingdom, but then went up to £550 after Brexit.) At that time, the optional Oculus Touch controllers also dropped from £190 to £100, less than four months after their release last December.

In a surprise overnight announcement via its blog, Oculus has announced a significant price drop on its Rift VR headset. Those waiting for a price cut have the best opportunity to grab the Rift headset, as the discount will only last for the next six weeks.

Of course, some VR skeptics will take this move as a signal that Oculus is desperately reaching for a quick solution to boost sales on a device that still hasn't cracked the mainstream in terms of widespread popularity. If you've already got a Rift headset, then, there isn't much in this sale for you. Now, as part of its Summer of Rift campaign, Oculus is shooting for that magical price: $399 for the headset and Touch controllers.

"It doesn't appear the (initial) Rift price drop has made a big difference, but the first half of the year tends to be pretty slow in gaming at least", says Lewis Ward, IDC's research director, for gaming and VR/AR. Previously, Oculus sold that bundle for $598, itself a $200 discount from their combined launch prices. But they still want to aim higher.

Facebook's Oculus is trying to get more customers to buy into virtual reality with a summer bargain.

And Facebook's purchase of Oculus in 2014 wasn't cheap either.

Earlier this year, Facebook and two of Oculus' founders were ordered to pay $500m after losing a lawsuit in which games company ZeniMax Media alleged that Oculus' VR system had been stolen from their own work.



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