Google's Doodle honours Swedish scientist Eva Ekeblad's work with potatoes

Today's Google Doodle celebrates Potato Processing Pioneer Eva Ekeblad

The Swedish scientist, who was born 293 years ago on on Monday-she died in 1786-discovered that potatoes could be made into moonshine or flour, revelations that helped avert starvation in Sweden (but probably led to a few damaged livers).

The latest "Google Doodle" features the companies logo spelled out in peeled potatoes and a small pile of flour.

Ekeblad was born in Sweden on July 10, in the year 1724; she did various researches on multiple uses for plants.

After the death of her husband Count Claes Claesson Ekeblad in 1771, Ekeblad retired to her countryside estates. She was a Swedish scientist well-known for learning that flour and alcohol can be prepared from potatoes. She also figured out how to distill them to make vodka.

Thanks to Ekeblad, potatoes helped solve the food crisis in Sweden precipitated by the lack of cereals like barley and oats.

It is claimed that Ekeblad learned that potatoes were being used in Germany to create alcoholic drinks. In order, there was a point in alcohol ingesting in the Scandinavian country. Her work couldn't have come at a better time.

She was only 24 when she submitted her discoveries to the Royal Swedish Academy of Science.

Archaic gender by-laws saw Ekeblad's membership of the society downgraded to honorary status in 1751, although she would remain its only female inductee for 200 years until nuclear physicist Lise Meitner was admitted in 1951.

"The next woman recognised in those ranks would come 203 years later", Google added. She also demonstrated for the first time that potatoes could be converted into flour after they were cooked, crushed and dried up.

She died on May 15 1786 aged 61.



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