Sean O'Connell: Spider-Man: Homecoming Opens

Stan Lee disses Marvel

The news series reminds me so much of the animated cartoon from my childhood, and the main character, Peter Parker (Spider-Man) is being portrayed impeccably by Tom Holland.

Regarding the development of the other students in Spider-Man's world like Liz (Laura Harrier) or Flash (Tony Revolori), the duo directly cite filmmaker John Hughes as "the touchstone for the high school movie" with films like "The Breakfast Club".

So, Did Zendaya Lie to Everyone?

Spider-Man director Jon Watts just revealed that the AI suit will be voiced by "Jarvis' wife." Technically, she was telling the truth. From cameos, to unexpected characters, winks, and (as I've stated numerous times) Universe tie-ins, each and every person that hit the screen had a memorable impact.

Homecoming is the first super-reboot to evolve past retelling an origin story, dropping Uncle Ben and that radioactive spider like a prehensile tail.

Who Will the Next Big Bad Be?

It works just as well on the level of basic entertainment, somehow making the ludicrous Vulture villain into a believable antagonist, thanks much in part to the back-story and a grounded performance by Michael Keaton.

During one of the scenes in the credits, an imprisoned Toomes interacts with another criminal - Mac Gargan, played by Michael Mando - who's trying to find out Spidey's identity. Jon Watts is incredibly aware that he's dealing with the ultimate legacy character, a hero whose adventures have been chronicled nonstop in comics since 1962's Amazing Fantasy #15. His tattoo is a giveaway: Scorpion. It's how intentionally diverse the film is; although the main heroes and villain are (yawn, per usual) white-as-hell, the supporting cast is populated almost entirely by actors of color.

Prowler, Tinkerer and Shocker all appear in "Homecoming" as well. There isn't an ounce of fat on this film, packing in so many story elements and characters, while finding room for small, amusing asides and moments that make it an addictively rich, idiosyncratic and re-watchable movie.

So That Wasn't Tom Hardy In This Movie?

A half-dozen credited screenwriters on this film couldn't figure out anything for him and his henchmen to do, so Keaton spends nearly all of his time in dark warehouses working on alien-scrap metal weapons that he sells underground to bad guys.

It's Holland, however, who is the heart of "Homecoming".

Aunt May, played by Marisa Tomei, is also a change.

There Was a Miles Morales Mention?

Spider-Man: Homecoming does something pretty fantastic with its final scene, and we wanted to dig into a bit. Zendaya, it turns out, is a comic delight, a onetime Disney child star who does a surprisingly good impression of a high school outcast with angsty waves covering her judgmental eyes, carving out a new archetype in the vein of Daria and Allison from the Breakfast Club. "You have Beyoncé, you have Rihanna, who are two badass women who just do what they want and they're fantastic".

Parker tries to give Stark the heads-up about the weapons, but his impatience gets the better of him, and Spider-Man has to go through a few hard lessons on a job he's not quite ready for.



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