How Spider-Man: Homecoming ties into the MCU

039;Spider-Man Homecoming' star Tom Holland admits that working with Tom Hardy on 'Venom' would be

While Spider-Man and Avengers exist in the MCU, Venom does not.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is easily the lightest, most entertaining and fun Spider-Man film of any of them.

The original Spider-Man trilogy is available on Blu-Ray and DVD as well as Digital HD. Mercifully, it isn't an origin story that goes all the way back to that radioactive spider biting young Petey, the tragic death of Uncle Ben, etc.

We are excited to use characters that you haven't seen before on screen. But he'd also been developing a coming-of-age script based on his own childhood, which he now says placed him in the right mindset to re-imagine Peter Parker as a 16-year-old junior superhero, wrestling with his still-developing powers after getting a taste of the big time in "Captain America: Civil War". Homecoming, Peter Parker gets to work "with" the Avengers, which is something that hasn't happened until now.

First up, director Jon Watts spoke to ScreenCrush about two shots that were in the trailers but never made it into the movie, including the iconic shot of Spidey and Iron Man.

Michael Keaton has already played a Batman and a Birdman, so why not the Vulture? OK, it's a little bit hard to believe that someone so handsome and in such great shape is a loser, even at a school for smart kids, but he's awkward enough to sell it. Tony Stark brought Spidey into the battle during "Civil War" and now he's overseeing Peter's development. He still lives with his aunt and is being closely watched by his new mentor/ tutor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), who advises him to stay under the radar.

So Peter spends his days plotting adventures with his best friend, Ned (Jacob Batalon, amusing and likable), pining over a smart and sweet senior student named Liz (Laura Harrier) and bungling his way through various efforts to thwart criminal activity in the neighborhood.

Catch Spider-Man: Homecoming at a theater near you from tomorrow. But Chameleon is great and he's also one of the earlier day villains. Zendaya scores some laughs as a cynical rebel student. Ultimate Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis, Bill Jemas and Mark Bagley was truly an incredible comic book and modern take on the character.



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