USA And Universal Health Care

USA And Universal Health Care

Does the question of size really matter when implementing Universal Health Care? Most people are of the view that USA is too big for Universal Health Care.It is not true that Universal Health Care cannot work in America because of size. America is an aggregate of 50 different states. Each state has populations equivalent to nations with universal coverage hence size can never be a limiting issue.

Other countries with Universal health care cannot be compared to America due to size.Some arguments are based on the fact that the countries with Universal Health Care are smaller than USA. Therefore it will not work because of the massive size differences. Some American states like Rhodes Island are equivalent to New Zealand in size which already has universal coverage.

This then means that the State’s federal solution would have to work more than 50 times over. The universal solution would have to be dynamic. This is because the each state has its own different set-up on all levels socially, financially and geographically. America can use successful models from other countries. United States just needs to scale up to the systems.

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Another common question that most people have besides online gambling is on whether Universal Health Careis government health care.Universal health care allows everyone to have access to basic coverage.The country then decides to let it operate under government or as amarket-based system. The quality of care and costs differ from one state to another. Health Care is among some a top priority of in many countries.America already spends a lot on health care in relation its Gross Domestic Product. It also has a high uninsured population when compared to other states.



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