Jazz trade for Timberwolves PG Ricky Rubio

Report: Timberwolves Trade Ricky Rubio To Utah Jazz

The Jazz will trade a future protected first-round pick from Oklahoma City to the Minnesota Timberwolves to acquire Rubio, pending the outcome of a successful physical.

The Wolves biggest need is shooting, and if Ricky Rubio is not traded (seeming unlikely as the Wolves are seeking better shooting at the position according to former ESPN insider Marc Stein), they will really only have one potential starting spot available at the power forward position. If the protections on the pick are unchanged, it will be lottery-protected in 2018. In an attempt to appease Gordon Hayward ahead of free agency, Utah made a move for a staring lead guard.

Rubio was a talented player that didn't fit with the Wolves' personnel due to his lack of perimeter shooting and they had to trade him.

Rubio, 26, averaged 11.1 points and 4.1 rebounds per contest last season.

Rubio was drafted in 2009, but did not come over from Spain until 2011, electrifying a stagnant franchise with his enthusiasm and no-look passes while also suffering through losing season after losing season.

The Ricky Rubio era in Minnesota is over and it didn't take long for the Timberwolves to find a replacement. Hill will become an unrestricted free agent tonight, and this trade signifies the Jazz are moving on.

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It's debatable whether Teague is actually even a better point guard than Rubio overall, but in this circumstance, the Timberwolves clearly prefer the one who can shoot a little bit better.

On the eve of National Basketball Association free agency, National Basketball Association fans across the country and here in Minnesota have seen a insane start to the National Basketball Association offseason.

Rubio has been on the trading block for months and he'll return to it immediately again if the Jazz re-sign Hill.

On the downside, Hill and Hayward are said to be good friends. It's not a flawless fit - Kyle Lowry or George Hill would be fantastic on this team.

For starters, even as I say the winners of this deal can span outside of the two teams involved, an obvious victor in this Rubio deal is the Minnesota Timberwolves. Cap space is an asset, and the Timberwolves wouldn't have had that cap space without dealing Rubio. Rubio's contract, an additional two years at around $14.5 million per, fits perfectly into that void. He averaged 16 points and 10.5 assists in 24 starts after the all-star break, shooting 42 percent from the floor and 35 percent from three in that span.



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