Sony to start pressing vinyl records again after nearly 30 years

Most printing presses closed down, and for years, vinyl only existed in smokey little record shops (and your dad's basement).

The United Record Pressing plant, which has manufactured vinyl since 1949, is reportedly planning to expand its operations in Tennessee, doubling its current production capacity.

Sony Music is set to start pressing vinyl records again for the first time in nearly thirty years.

Sony will release records from its artists, older songs to which it owns the rights and take orders from outside labels.

The company installed record-cutting equipment at a Tokyo recording studio in February, allowing them to produced masters from which vinyl records are created.

There were 17.2 million records shipped to the USA last year, and 70 percent of them were purchased by people 35 years old and younger, according to Nikkei.

Sony said it will resume vinyl production by March next year in a factory southwest of Tokyo that's run by one of its subsidiaries. Turntables and other vinyl-related accessories are also benefiting as a result.

Sony and Panasonic both started selling analog record players again last year after previously giving up on them. The company hasn't yet decided what music will get the vinyl treatment. This will likely have Sony making vinyl records for new bands and new songs that it can sell to fans of the format, CNBC notes.

The biggest challenge for Sony is a lack of experienced engineers for making records. Vinyl sales surpassed downloads in the United Kingdom previous year.



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