Jaguar Unleashes Potent XE SV Project 8 Super Sedan

Actual downforce! On an XE

Torque vectoring by braking can slow the inner wheels during cornering.

The £149,995 Project 8 is a heavily modified, track-biased reworking of the XE saloon that has been created to reach 200mph.

Jaguar has revealed the most extreme and fastest road-going auto in its history, the XE SV Project 8. The auto further debuts a new carbon ceramic braking system, an industry-first use of Formula 1-style silicon nitride ceramic wheel bearings on a road vehicle, and incorporates a rear electronic active differential (EAD) with oil cooler.

Also from what we have seen over the years, we don't think it would completely be in vain to expect something like an XE SVR in the years to come.

The caption on the official tweet also teased that the upcoming 2018 Jaguar XE SV Project 8 is "the most powerful and performance #Jaguar ever". Aerodynamic aids consist of adjustable front splitter and rear spoiler, as well as a flat underbody. But if you want to go the full touring auto, the Track Pack saves 12.2kg.

Aside from carbon fiber, aluminum was extensively used as well.

Key changes in Project 8 include carbonfibre bonnet and bumpers, plus bigger fenders with those at the rear being 55mm wider to house 305-width tyres rimmed on 20-inch wheels. The wheels measure 9.5x20in at the front and 11x20in at the rear. The former, however, benefits from six-piston aluminum calipers while the latter gets single-piston sliding calipers. But really, that's underselling it - Project 8 is nearly unbelievably extreme. The standard four-seat model features Jaguar's front performance seats with magnesium frames and a heavily contoured rear squab to maximize support.

While the vehicle comes with a full interior as standard, a Track Pack option (which Jag hasn't announced the price of), will get rid of the rear pew, replace the front seats with Sabelt racing buckets, and lower the ride height by 15mm. With 250 kW (335 hp) from a supercharged V6 and a lively rear-driven chassis, it's all the sedan anyone could ever really need. The gearbox has been improved to reduce the shift time to 200 milliseconds using a "pistolshift" lever. There's also a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster featuring new Dynamic-i software that adds a stopwatch and G-force meter. It is then topped off with a premium 380W 11-speaker sound system from Meridian.

While Jaguar has been busy been expanding its business with more new models, it also wants to boost the image of the XE, the brand itself and the high-performance SV nameplate. It even has a modified cooling system to ensure the high-performance sedan peforms at optimal temperatures.

Standard on the Project 8 is Jaguar's first application of its new-generation carbon ceramic braking system, which uses Formula One-style silicon nitride ceramic wheel bearings-an industry-first for a road auto, says the company.



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