Google News Gets a Redesign After 14 Years

Google News gets a much-needed redesign to cut down on clutter and confusion

A gray background and white cards around each article make it look a little more like content served on Google Now, but clicking on some of the options under the tabs such as "More About" takes the content a little more time - what seems like several additional seconds - to serve up. This is to make Google News more personal, and I have to say, I'll be visiting this page pretty often now that I know it's here. The Local and For You tabs can be customized with any locations selected for the Local tab, though it defaults to where it thinks you are located, and interests for the For You tab. In "Local", you can track stories from any part of the world. In "For You", users can pinpoint niche interests and create their own mini news feed, whether it's following their favorite team, or satisfying themselves with news on gadgets and gizmos. Beginning today, Google will have a new sleek look of its News Page, departing from the old Google News page that was changed slightly six years ago. The company says it's improved how it selects top videos, which are highlighted in a story card.

The first and most obvious change that users will see when visiting the new desktop web site is the new interface created to be easier to read. The first view offers a quick glance into a story.

We've adopted a card format that makes it easier to browse, scan and identify related articles about a story. These changes are all mostly centered on the desktop version.

That said, Google says "this feature is now available in the USA only", but presumably Google will roll it out to other Google News users around the world.

The "Full Coverage" page, as the name suggests, lets you immerse yourself in coverage about a story or issue that you want to deep dive into.

Another great feature you're going to be seeing from this Google update is a new fact-checking bar on the right side of the desktop page from which you can see information from websites like PolitFace and Snopes.

Meanwhile Google seems to have been rolling out a large search algorithm update starting sometime around Sunday, June 25.

In any case, if the new Google News has already gone live for you, then you'll see the old listing of links and thumbnail images replaced by a collection of cards, just like the ones used in Google Now.



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