BC Liberals question NDP's ability to to govern

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark left and NDP leader John Horgan right look on as B.C. Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon gives the Speech from Throne in Victoria Thursday

In the meantime, the Liberals are set to debate a throne speech they introduced last week, which saw a shift in more than two dozen policy positions that the Liberals hadn't campaigned on before the May 9 election.

The B.C. Liberal government presented its own legislation to ban corporate and union donations Monday, but it was immediately voted down by the B.C. NDP and Greens.

A motion that could topple the B-C Liberals' minority government is expected to be introduced in the legislature today.

The Liberals won 43 seats last month's election, but the NDP with 41 seats and the Greens with three seats have an agreement to defeat them and attempt to form a NDP minority government. What about the long-term fallout of even the preliminary idea that British Columbia, through its Crown corporation of BC Hydro, could be forced to cancel contracts.

The proposed changes would also apply the new rules to local governments.

Clark in response urged MLAs to vote in favour of her throne speech, calling it a honest effort to take the campaign ideas of the opposition parties and enact them through her government.

"What's important is that the very first thing that we do is we test the confidence of this house, this House has not had its confidence tested", Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver said.

Under procedural rules, the throne speech must have debate first. After all, the Liberals can only dodge an actual confidence vote for another day or two. "Let's have a vote let's have a confidence motion".

Horgan and Weaver said the extensive preparations for a government likely to last only a week are tactics by Clark to cast doubt on the viability of the Green-NDP alliance. "People can't count on Christy Clark to fix the problems she created".

Speaking to reporters at the B.C. legislature Wednesday, Weaver said if Clark has directed the other 42 B.C. Liberal MLAs to refuse to serve as speaker for an NDP government, it's an offence against parliamentary tradition.

"We're staring down July now and she's introducing legislation, legislation we have introduced six times already, I don't think the public has any confidence in them, I know I don't", Horgan said. Weaver has said his power-sharing deal with the NDP doesn't preclude him from supporting good legislation by other parties. "I think we should follow those rules".

Instead, Clark will self-centeredly demolish the legacy of ex-premier Gordon Campbell and the entire BC Liberal government of the past 16 years, leaving the party looking desperate, unprincipled and adrift. "The road to stability and the road to being able to make sure that government, working together in this legislature, can get on with the business in this house, is to support the throne speech and ensure we can keep the business of government going on".

Redies said that regardless of who is in power, "we all have to look at these (throne speech) issues".



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