The Seinfeld-inspired 'Soup Nazi' company has filed for bankruptcy

Soupman Bankruptcy: Chapter 11 for Soup Nazi-Inspiring Eatery

The exacting soup chef played by Larry Thomas, however, was inspired by Al Yeganeh, founder of The Original Soup Man restaurant chain in NY.

Soupman, the New York City food company made famous by the popular Seinfeld TV sitcom, has sought bankruptcy court protection, weeks after its chief financial officer was indicted on federal tax evasion charges.

SOUPMAN Inc., of Seinfeld fame, filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States, just weeks after a top company executive was charged with tax evasion.

Yeganeh, the man who inspired the "Soup Nazi" character, opened his Manhattan soup store in 1984.

Between certain business costs and "recent company developments", the Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection was necessary, Soupman Inc.

Staten Island-based Soupman owes up to 100 creditors between $10 million and $50 million, according to the bankruptcy filing in Delaware. "This will ensure that our delicious soups remain on grocery shelves throughout the country, which is in the best interests of all our stakeholders and customers".

While the Soup Nazi was made famous by the 1995 Seinfeld episode, Yeganeh opened his first Manhattan store almost a decade earlier in 1984. Karson said its products, including jambalaya, lobster bisque and chicken gumbo, would still be available in stores.

The former executive, Robert Bertrand, has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Al Yeganeh's soups and soup stand are credited with the inspiration behind the "Seinfeld" character.

Yaganeh and others formed Soupman Inc. and licensed his name and recipes for supermarkets and restaurants.



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