Google to Stop Scanning Gmail Messages to Target Personalized AdWords Ads

Google to stop scanning Gmail messages for targeted advertising

In the statement, Google senior vice-president, Diane Greene, said the move was created to align the company's consumer offering with its other products, including its business offering, G Suite.

The move effectively brings the widely-used email service in line with its enterprise offering, G Suite.

Google will stop scanning the inboxes of free Gmail users to tailor ads for them. Google will continue to serve ads to its consumer Gmail users, but will instead use data sources such as Web searches and user feedback to tailor ads. Lawsuits had been filed earlier over ads based on scanned email messages and faced criticism. Customers also have the option to disable the advertising personalization in their settings. This is because companies have a general confusion over the business tactics of the company, even though G Suite has always been and will continue to be ad-free.

Google is making a change to its advertising practices that will affect millions of Gmail users around the globe. However, as a report in Bloomberg points, ads will still be a part of the consumer version of Gmail.

Greene's blog post touted future development of Gmail, which now has more than 1.2 billion users.

And while Google has expanded massively beyond its early days as a search engine to embrace autonomous auto technology and artificial intelligence, last week's decision seems to indicate that the company is more focused on its non-advertising and cloud-based businesses than it has been in the past. Privacy advocates, such as Consumer Watchdog, have raised concerns with Google in the past, according to the Guardian.

"When they first came up with the unsafe idea of monetising the content of our communications, Privacy International warned Google against setting the precedent of breaking the confidentiality of messages for the sake of additional income", the charity's executive director Dr Gus Hosein said.

Firstly, you will have to go to The new changes are expected to make customers feel more secure and satisfied knowing that their emails are not being scanned. Google's blogpost also says they will "keep privacy and security paramount", for their users.



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