Rauner Calls For Compromise, Then Attacks


Advocates and supporters of equitable educational funding throughout IL secured a tentative victory from the state legislature - all that remains is a few strokes from Governor Bruce Rauner's pen to make it complete.

Springfield, IL (24/7 News Source) - Illinois lawmakers band together to form a budget before it's too late. But Rauner is also spending money attacking Democrats.

Steve Brown, press secretary for Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, said he's not making enough concessions. In California, state legislators and other statewide elected officers don't get a paycheck if they fail to send the governor a budget by June 15.

Asked earlier about any movement on budget bills, Harris said he has reviewed the Senate and Republican proposals with lawmakers. "I'm not saying they are not necessary positions, but are they anymore necessary than a classroom teacher", Sanders said.

However, Democrats say a barrage of campaign-style ads funded by Rauner and his allies undercut GOP calls for unity. "Our plan is responsible, protects taxpayers by proposing a hard spending cap and a four-year property tax freeze". House Republicans are prepared to finish the job and call upon House Democrats to join us. Both plans also include an expansion of the state's sales tax to certain services, and an increase in Illinois' corporate tax on businesses.

Among the 17 whereases that are part of the special-session proclamation were references to "the majority in the General Assembly" (Democrats) ignoring the governor's recommendation for a long-term balanced budget and his request for lawmakers to stay in Springfield to work on the budget.

The House adjourned without calling any of the Senate's budget bills to the floor for a vote.

In the meantime, Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza said last week the bills her office is required to pay under state law and court orders will total more than the state receives in revenue each month.

"We have stated unequivocally that a resolution to the governor's budget crisis-which has resulted in eight credit downgrades and tripled the state's debt-must be our top priority. Bruce Rauner purposefully drove the state off the rails, leading to nation's longest budget impasse in history, skyrocketing debt, a crippling blow to our higher education system, and a ruined social safety net". The Senate, which also convened Wednesday, will also meet privately.

What's IL credit rating and why should I care?

Senator Don Harmon said Rauner's speech was more of the same.

The governor said that budget compromises on issues like school funding. Ratings agencies are threatening to downgrade the state's credit to junk status and schools and senior care centers could be in jeopardy. Comptroller Susana Mendoza says IL backlog of overdue bills is more than $15 billion.

Rauner is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on that ad alone.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner will deliver a live address to the people of Illinois tonight from Representative Hall of the Old State Capitol.

"We're asking the General Assembly to do what those who came before us did that changed the course of history: have the courage to dare to do what is right, to act for the people." he said.

Rauner said failure to act is not an option.



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