Georgia special election results

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Pelosi has donated a large sum of money to Ossoff, along with the Democratic National Committee which has given more than $2 million to Ossoff's race.

More than 140,000 voters cast their ballots early - an astounding number for a special election, and one that almost matches presidential contests.

Asked by ABC News if the tight race in the traditionally Republican stronghold made her rethink her hometown, Handel said emphatically, "No".

Trump's tweets about the Georgia race were sprinkled through his Monday missives, with the final one that night declaring Tuesday a "big day" and Barack Obama's 2010 health law as "dead" before lambasting Democrats.

Ms Handel came a distant second to Mr Ossoff in the April election, but the Republican vote had been split among 11 candidates.

Jon Ossoff has never held office before.

Democrat Jon Ossoff - a 30-year-old documentary filmmaker and congressional aide - has put up a surprising fight and raised a record-breaking $23 million in his race against former Georgia secretary of state Karen Handel. It is a test of GOP strength early in President Donald Trump's presidency.

Also on Monday, the president tried to give an eleventh-hour boost to Ralph Norman, who is running in a special election in South Carolina's 5th District.

Williams said he was optimistic about the path ahead for Republicans. "I think that those concerns have only grown over time. God, no. But I believe he has the country's best interests at heart", said Jessica Podalsky, who voted for Handel on Tuesday morning. Ossoff himself once described his bid as a chance to "make Trump furious". But the first-time candidate barely mentions Trump, talking instead in generalities about "restoring civility" and Congress' oversight role.

Republican Karen Handel, a former secretary of state, has enlisted numerous state's top elected officials to keep Georgia's Sixth District in Republican hands.

"He's going to be her vote in the House", Handel said.

Handel maintained some distance from Trump in the primary but has fully embraced his support and agenda since, including a joint fundraiser.

"Ossoff's campaign has long held that it has the edge in voter enthusiasm - a more committed base of voters who will flock to the polls regardless to support him".

Handel also attacked Ossoff for not agreeing to a nationally televised debate on a cable network.

Georgia's special election was billed as a potential referendum on President Donald Trump, who has heavily endorsed Handel's candidacy.

But that hasn't stopped Trump from weighing in on the race.

"Democrat Jon Ossoff, who wants to raise your taxes to the highest level and is weak on crime and security, doesn't even live in district", he tweeted early yesterday.

Born in Atlanta, Ossoff grew up in the Northlake area. Voters use touchscreen voting machines, criticized by some activists as outdated and vulnerable. State officials, though, say they're confident the technology is secure. He raised $23 million for his campaign, but most of that came from outside of Georgia from liberal enclaves like NY and California.



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