Cosby judge could revisit issue of revealing names of jurors

Bill Cosby favoured to walk after retrial, but new jury may be more eager to convict

But the jurors' inability to reach a verdict, after more than 100 hours of testimony and deliberations in this suburban Philadelphia courtroom, brought home how divided opinions are about Cosby - and about a lot more.

"The defamation case is this clever way of saying, 'If I say you raped me and you say it didn't happen, then you're defaming me by calling me a liar.' And that in itself is a hard defamation case".

The case stemmed from an alleged 2004 encounter in which, Constand said, Cosby drugged and assaulted while her she was an employee at Temple University, his alma mater.

Constand herself sued Cosby in 2005 and settled for an undisclosed sum.

Media outlets are urging a judge to make the names public.

While Montgomery County D.A. Kevin Steele has promised to retry Cosby, Steinberg says it's still several months away and anything can happen.

McMonagle said this year's trial was unfair.

"Imagine it's you being asked to defend age-old accusations - how do you defend that?" the attorney said to CNN.

"Waiting so long, when people have died".

He also said he knew he would face public scrutiny regardless of how the trial ended. "We kept running into walls trying to investigate the accusations because there's nothing left". She awoke, she says, to Cosby assaulting her.

"This was basically just practicing to get the ball in the basket", Allison says she told Constand, a former star high school, college and Italian professional league basketball player. Afterward the women, who have bonded in the past 2 1/2 years since the scandal broke and grew even closer during the trial, were upbeat. Occasionally, we pretend that history is a linear force that propels us, inevitably, toward more comprehensive justice, and that grotesque contradictions - such as the mistrial in the Cosby case - are brief, unfortunate glitches in the overall clockwork of progress. Cosby's trial ended without a verdict.

"I have been greatly concerned for his health, I don't know if I can survive what he survived this week", he said. "It cost an terrible lot of taxpayer money to bring that case to trial and there's no saying that this next trial could end up as a hung jury again or an acquittal". "Telling us stories, telling us jokes, making us smile".

In addition to proving that Cosby assaulted them, Smolla said, they would have to establish that he said something about them beyond denying the allegations, such as calling them known liars or promiscuous. He refused to do that. "People have thanked us for coming forward because it helped them have a voice", Baker-Kinney said.

Cosby's attorney Brian McMonagle immediately moved for a mistrial, which was granted by the judge.

"As I said before, on and on, in the deposition about the carrying-ons that he was involved in the 70s". We're not here because of Andrea Constand.

In a statement, her lawyers thanked the prosecution for taking her case and said the trial had "given a voice to the many victims who felt powerless and silenced". After a preliminary hearing, a judge decided there was enough evidence for him to stand trial.



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