Doctors: Student detained in N Korea in state of 'unresponsive wakefulness'

In a young person, cardiopulmonary arrest can be caused by many things, including trauma or intoxication. This could have been caused by a traumatic injury or an overdose in medication. The State Department said on Thursday, that the USA diplomat who visited North Korea this week to negotiate Warmbier's release, had also met with the three remaining US detainees in the country.

President Trump called Warmbier's parents Wednesday night to tell them his administration had worked hard to secure their son's release, and to ask how he was doing.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters on Thursday, "We're glad he's home".

A medical team at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center described Otto Warmbier's described his condition as a "state of unresponsive wakefulness".

The chances of full neurological recovery after the brain has been deprived of oxygen for prolonged periods of time - greater than four minutes - are poor, Glatter said.

"That's the main reason why we're going", Rodman said in a video clip posted on his Twitter.

"However, he shows no signs of understanding language, responding to verbal commands or awareness to his surroundings". "He has not engaged in any purposeful movements", Kanter said.

Dr. Brandon Foreman added, "We performed electromyography and nerve conduction studies".

North Korean doctors had provided copies of brain scans dated to April 2016, consistent with the claim that he had been in a coma for more than a year.

These routine functions of the body sometimes continue, as they are coordinated by different areas of the brain, he said. "That's what we're seeing is this removal".

"We don't believe anything that they say", said Warmbier's father, Fred of the rationale of North Korean captors.

Mr. Warmbier was arrested last year during a trip to Pyongyang and given a 15-year prison term for allegedly planning hostile acts against the state. He was allowed no consular visits. It was learned only this week that he's been in a coma for more than a year.

He said he didn't believe North Korea's explanation that the coma resulted from botulism and a sleeping pill.

Moreover, there was no evidence of botulism. The Republican congressman says he wants to make sure the Treasury Department does not issue licenses for tourism to North Korea. He was then flown back to the USA where received urgent medical attention from a team of physicians at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in Ohio.

The University of Virginia student's father, Fred Warmbier, said at an earlier news conference that his son had been "brutalized and terrorized" by the North Korean government.

In a one-line statement earlier on Thursday on the state-run Korean Central News Agency, North Korea said it had released Warmbier "on humanitarian grounds". "They did not do this out of the kindness of their hearts".

Fred Warmbier praised the Trump administration's efforts: "They have our thanks for bringing Otto home". "U.S. citizens in the DPRK are at serious risk of arrest and long-term detention under North Korea's system of law enforcement". They're brutal and they're terroristic. "We see the results of their actions, with Otto".

The 22-year-old Warmbier, a University of Virginia undergraduate, was convicted and sentenced in a one-hour trial in North Korea's Supreme Court in March 2016.

He had, as his mother said a month ago, a lot to lose. "So we went public with an interview on Tucker Carlson's show, and then did a couple of written pieces, and then very quickly we have Otto home", he said.



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