'Will not be shushed': Sen Kamala Harris interrupted by male colleagues again

Sen. Kamala Harris questions former FBI Director James Comey at a Senate committee hearing on June 8

Kamala Harris that makes certain men around her nervous. "They maybe do it thoughtlessly, and a lot of good could come from just saying, "Hey, sorry I said that" or 'Sorry I said it that way'".

During Attorney General #Jeff Sessions' testimony on Tuesday regarding Russia's alleged meddling in the #2016 Presidential Election, partisan lines helped shape the perspective of Sessions' answers.

(CNN) - Kamala Harris has served as freshman senator for only six months, but she's not wasting time sitting in the shadows.

This time, a male colleague, Sen.

Harris then asked him if he had consulted the DOJ Policy before coming to the hearing, an answer she wanted in just yes or no.

Harris had been asking Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein about whether he would sign a letter stating that the special counsel appointed to lead the Russian Federation probe would be fully independent from Department of Justice.

Previously a federal prosecutor, Harris is knowledgeable in tactics of witnesses (and criminals) in an attempt to delay proceedings, by delaying their answers to questions, or potentially not answering questions at all.

Friday on ABC's "The View", when the panel was discussing that twice in recent Senate Intelligence Committee hearings, Sen.

"Senators will allow the chair to control the hearing", the Republican from North Carolina said. The veteran senator struggled to find definitive answers, and several times said he could not recall what was said.

Sen. John McCain was the first to interrupt Harris as she pressed Sessions about his refusal to answer questions regarding conversations he may have had with President Donald Trump.

Here's the entire awkward exchange.

The tense moment in Harris's questioning of Sessions occurred six days after she was reprimanded by Burr for what the chairman said was a lack of "courtesy" in her and other senators' questions to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Harris: questions and you would rely on that policy.

"Did you have any communication with any Russian businessmen or Russian nationals?", Harris asked.

"Is that policy in writing somewhere?"

Later on Tuesday night, Harris sent another Twitter missive: "The women of the United States Senate will not be silenced when seeking the truth", she wrote, before asking her supporters to donate.

But the questioner has the right to insist that that privilege be asserted entirely so that we know what's going on and so that if the privilege claim is not actually a viable one, it can be tested and litigated the way that, you know, historically we've done that.

McCAIN: "Chairman, the witness should be allowed to answer the question". "She was asking some tough questions".

"We talked about it", Sessions said. In addition, at these hearings, each Senator is given a limited time to speak and frankly, there is not much time for consideration of those testifying in terms of considering their "ability to be rushed".

Male Democrats got just as aggressive while questioning Sessions, but none of them were interrupted.



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