DUP leader returns to Northern Ireland, talks continue

Since May's Conservative Party failed to win a majority in last week's general election, there has been a lot of debate over the impact on the Brexit discussions and whether the British government will be more open to compromising on some issues, like trade.

Around two-thirds of the economists polled this week, 33 out of 49, said the chance of a hard Brexit had receded somewhat.

With May's Conservative party not in overall control of the House Commons and with a new government yet to be formed, politicians in favor of a "soft Brexit" - which is likely to include remaining part of the single market and customs union - believe the impasse offers an opportunity to get their way. "I am dubious about it", Major, who served as prime minister from 1990 to 1997, told BBC radio.

Theresa May has told representatives from Northern Ireland's parties that she will publish full details of any deal agreed with DUP to support a minority Conservative government.

The Government would "examine seriously" changes to corporation tax in Northern Ireland so long as the other Northern Ireland parties and the European Commission agreed, would discuss with the DUP "other tax changes", would agree with the DUP measures to enhance Foreign office support for outside investment in Northern Ireland, would ensure Northern Ireland got its "fair share" of Government contracts and infrastructure investments, would enhance transport and communications links between GB and Northern Ireland, would work to cut electricity costs, and would discuss with the DUP the implementation of the military covenant in Northern Ireland. In the North of Ireland, also known as the Six Counties, the fault lines of religious sectarianism and communal enmity are reflected in the abundance of so-called "peace lines" - in other words separation barriers and walls - keeping Catholic and Protestant communities apart. In 1920, guerrilla warfare between what became known as the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and unionists led to the partitioning of Northern Ireland and the future Republic of Ireland.

More pressing is the issues of providing effective guarantees to some 5 million people — around 3 million European Union citizens living in Britain plus nearly 2 million Britons in Europe — who want to know what the future holds after Brexit. Until she does, she and her ministers are on borrowed time.

The IRA also carried out a large-scale bombing campaign targeting major cities throughout the United Kingdom mainland, including deadly attacks in London and Birmingham.

The British government was due to begin Brexit talks with the European Union on Monday.

The institutions collapsed amid a bitter row between the DUP and Sinn Fein about a botched green energy scheme.

Sinn Fein, a left-wing liberation party modeled on similar movements in South Africa and the Palestinian territories, was originally formed as the political wing of the IRA.

But critics of the DUP - which was founded by Ian Paisley - say that their record on LGBT rights is "alarming".

Sinn Fein has said it does not want the DUP to put forward its leader Arlene Foster as first minister until the results of a corruption probe are finalised.

That has left the region without a government for five months.

It is now more hard for Cameroons such as George Osborne to criticise the current arrangement with the DUP in principle, given that their government was seeking something similar - even when it wasn't necessary to govern.

"We have seen in Northern Ireland over very many years that events always don't unwind as you expect them to unwind", he said.



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