PS4's Spider-Man Looks Like A Rush, Out In 2018

Sony ended its E3 2017 showcase with an extended gameplay look at its upcoming Spider-Man title for the PS4, and it certainly saved the best for last.

Spider-Man launches in 2018 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The combat uses Spidey Sense to dodge incoming attacks, really, it looks like it has taken inspiration from Batman Arkham Knight and Arkham Asylum, but really it's a system I remember seeing in The Amazing Spider-Man game.

Spider-Man is seen fighting goons involved with the Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk, as well as a vaguely super-powered executive who escapes in a helicopter.

We first caught a trailer for Spider-Man in the Sony E3 press conference a year ago. Once combat does open up, the animations are incredibly fluid, nearly appearing to resemble the combat mechanics in the Batman Arkham games. Spider-Man can run along walls, and there looks to be a huge range of aerobatic moves to perform, making the title look incredibly dramatic.

The gameplay trailer packs a ton of Marvel Comics nods that hardcore fans will assuredly be picking apart for weeks.

The best part of the video, other than the mind blowing action and graphics, is that the developers are clearly trying to capture the smart, amusing and quirky world that has always been part of our favorite web-slinger.

OK, ever since Spider-Man 2, the Spidey games haven't been... particularly good. The Injustice games have scratched a very specific itch but aren't going to offer a truly immersive story.



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