'Critical milestone': Pentagon hails ICBM intercept test

US envoy: US believes China is trying to stop NKorea tests

The Sea-Based X-band radar in the Pacific tracked and targeted the launch, as did "multiple sensors", MDA said, which would most likely include the Air Force's main missile-warning satellite constellation, the Space-Based Infrared System.

In fact, according to the Rodong Sinmun newspaper, Kim said that he would "turn the (United States) into ashes", in a threat that came in response to Tuesday's historic test of a ground-based interceptor system created to shoot down incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles - including nuclear-armed missiles headed toward the US mainland or other USA territory from North Korea.

The United States first tested a system to intercept Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

The ICBM-type missile was sacked from the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands toward the waters just south of Alaska, reports Reuters.

The military says an interceptor rocket launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California slammed into the warhead as it traveled outside the Earth's atmosphere after being launched from a test range on a Pacific atoll.

Cost of USA missile test simulating incoming ICBM yes'day: $244 million, according to Missile Defense Agency chief Vice Admiral James Syring.

In 2014, the USA successfully tested the GMD against a long-range missile after a number of failed attempts between 2010 and 2013.

The intercept test, which comes at a time when the U.S.is keeping a wary eye on North Korea's missile program, was successful. However, this new ICBM target had never been tested before.

Vice Adm. Jim Syring, director of the Defense Department's Missile Defense Agency, told Pentagon reporters that the test included decoys and replicated a very specific scenario in the Pacific.

Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said Tuesday that the test wasn't "timed specifically to the current tensions in North Korea", but said that recent threats from the country "is one of the reasons why we have this capability".

The MDA controls several other missile defense systems throughout the world, including the terminal high altitude area defense system now deployed in South Korea to defend against missile attacks from North Korea, according to janes.com (which follows the defense industry). But, in return, the United States authorities have confirmed that this missile test is not an aggressor test against the North Korean, instead this test was scheduled for a long time, many years before.

It was the third missile test by the nuclear-armed regime in less than three weeks, defying United Nations sanctions warnings and U.S. threats of possible military action.



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