McCain says his confusing questions resulted from tiredness

Feinstein calls for investigation of'all matters related to obstruction of justice

Former FBI director James Comey said Thursday (June 8) he took the controversial decision to speak out publicly on the probe into Hillary Clinton's email a year ago because he thought his boss, the attorney general, had become politically compromised.

Sen. McCain explained further in his statement what he meant to ask Comey.

McCain didn't seem to understand Comey's answer, so he awkwardly told Comey that the Clinton investigation "was going on" and that the Russian Federation investigation was also still "going on", and still, Comey "reached separate conclusions", the senator added. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, of course, got in on the act. After Clinton and Lynch met as their planes were on the same tarmac, Comey said he decided he had to "protect the credibility of the investigation".

Having substantially deflated one of the far left's defining narratives - that US president Donald Trump was lying when he said he was not a target of an ongoing investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election - former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director James Comey dropped another bombshell on liberals this week. Comey explained several times that the Clinton investigation had been completed in 2016 which is why he spoke out about its conclusion.

But before that statement, many people were as confused as Comey.

"This is about a sitting president and why he fired the FBI director in a historic move, and was that connected as he suggested to the Russians in his office the next day with his desire to undermine the Russia investigation". Viewers took to social media to voice their concerns about McCain's mental health while a few defended him, saying that people should go easy on him as he is old and had been tortured during his days as a POW.

"I get the sense from Twitter that my line of questioning today went over people's heads", the Arizona senator said in a statement on his website.

Comey said Lynch's request that he call the Justice Department's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server a "matter" as opposed to an "investigation" partially lead to his decision to publicly comment on the situation.

"You look back in hindsight, you think, 'Should I have resisted harder?' I said this isn't a hill worth dying on".

McCain says his point was to find out if Comey believes his interactions with Trump rise to the level of obstruction of justice.



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