Brake welcomes new 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' feature for iPhones

That could include a reminder to make a call or a flight reservation. As selling more iPhones becomes a tougher slog, Apple might as well try harder to sell the existing Apple device owners more digital stuff. Google is next, with about 24 percent.

Apple is positioning HomePod more as an audio device than a smart home interface, said Jonathan Collins, a research director at ABI Research.

iOS 11 can be downloaded as a Developer Preview today from Apple's website.

Irrespective of the fact that Siri is going to be the baked-in expert musicologist for the HomePod, Apple's personal assistant will be upgraded in iOS 11. The iPhone 8 or iPhone X would run iOS 11 right out of the box. Like Google, Apple has been developing its own dedicated processor for AI, according to a person familiar with the plan. Given that Apple customers are more likely to own an Amazon Echo or Alexa-powered device than the average consumer, the firm believes the HomePod will broaden the Apple ecosystem over time, however, the product will not be launched in the U.S. until December 2017, with broader distribution expected in 2018.

The phone will withhold any notifications and prevent you from accessing most apps, excluding some navigation apps such as Apple Maps.

Whereas previously, interactions with Siri were limited to a single question followed by an answer, Siri's bag of tricks is now much bigger.

Since then, Amazon has released three more Alexa-enabled devices. It means you will be able to keep more photos and videos on your device. You can also see who's at the front door, check in on your baby, watch video, get news briefings, and more.

The screen itself is also pretty impressive, spanning 27 inches and 14.7 million pixels, with support for more than a billion colors.

First there was Amazon's Echo, introduced to the public in 2014. Unfortunately, Siri is tied to Apple Music, which means that Spotify and Amazon Prime Music aren't available (at least for now). Both Google and Amazon's voice control systems record a few seconds before and after you call on them - and save those recordings online until you delete them.

Apple announced a huge number of new features for iOS 11 during WWDC 2017.

Six microphones in the speaker's base - one less than the Echo but four more than the Home - let HomePod pick up your requests from across the room (even with loud music playing).

iMessages continue to be one of the biggest iPhone and iPad features that Apple offers. It'll be available from any screen in a similar fashion to the way it works on macOS.

Microsoft will have to find an angle that hasn't been tapped by Amazon (skills), Google (search), or Apple (music). The smartphone-as-home-hub is an awkward, stop-gap solution that doesn't mesh well with large households (where kids, for example, aren't allowed to paw at their parents' phones). You'll be able to see these mixed worlds on your device's display and interact with them by moving around. For the sake of smart-home tech, here's hoping the HomePod's arrival is just as infuriating, and undeniable.

The price and release date for the Invoke and Essential Home hub have yet to be announced, so it's hard to predict its success.



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