Trump promises unfulfilled by House GOP health bill

The House-passed bill changes the rules for insurance companies so that they can charge older people a lot more than younger ones in states that decide to opt out of certain Obamacare protections.

In a poll conducted March 16-19 - shortly after House Republicans released their replacement bill - more independent voters objected to Obamacare than supported it, 46 percent to 38 percent. Thirteen percent said they didn't know or refused to respond. More than one-fifth of those living in eight of the other states with Republicans senators are enrolled in Medicaid.

One of the biggest hurdles to taking down the Affordable Care Act is that much of the Obamacare is controlled by law and tight regulations that an executive order simply can not undo like that. The best change would be universal single-payer health care because it would be much cheaper and cover all people.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates it would result in 23 million fewer Americans with health insurance and raise costs for older and sicker people while providing a tax cut for the wealthy.

Such an approach would neither satisfy Republicans who have demanded outright repeal of Obamacare for years nor square with the campaign promises of President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, about 30 protesters - an average crowd for the events, which have drawn close to 100 on some weeks - gathered to "invite the senator and his staff to listen to their health care stories", according to For Our Future, one of the groups organizing the rallies along with Indivisible Central Florida, Planned Parenthood and Challenge Politics.

Here are highlights of the poll, as explained by Mollyann Brodie, senior vice president of Public Opinion Research at Kaiser.

One might say that lawmakers who recklessly voted for a bill they hadn't yet scored and which did not do the things they promised were simply reflecting the blind partisanship of their fellow Republicans. Even more Democrats (78 percent) favored Obamacare. The poll out May 31, 2017, from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation also found a growing share of the public concerned that the GOPs American Health Care Act will have negative consequences for them personally by increasing their costs, making it harder to get and keep health insurance, or reducing quality.

Before those elected to represent the people back home go to bat for a plan to fundamentally change the way health insurance works, it would be nice if they could actually explain what the plan is looking to accomplish. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, said they don't want to see that happen. The CBO report did find that over time premiums would come down under the House bill, even if more people become uninsured.

Recent UCF graduate Grayson Lanza told the rally "pre-existing conditions are tailored in a way that pretty much everything [is]". The House Republican plan provides several ways to try to do that, including so-called "high-risk pools" - insurance of last resort that has not worked well in the past.

Mulvaney, in the Examiner interview, said that the CBO's assumptions about Medicaid cuts were "just absurd", while suggesting a bias in favor of Affordable Care Act's individual mandate, which the GOP bill would eliminate.



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