Ex-Penn State officials face sentencing in Sandusky scandal

In addition, Schultz, the former university vice president, could serve a minimum of two months in jail and a maximum of 23 months; and Curley, the former university athletic director, could serve a minimum of three months in jail and maximum of 23 months.

But Spanier's attorney, Sam Silver, wrote the court that his client's conviction "will forever alter him and his family" no matter the sentence.

"I am very remorseful I did not comprehend the severity of the situation".

"I find it really hard to believe that he doesn't remember every detail of the most serious mistake he ever made", Boccabella said. "I sincerely apologize for not having done more".

Prosecutors slammed all three men, saying they cared more about themselves than about protecting children. But he also chided them for what he said was an inexcusable failure.

As a result, they said, the former assistant football coach went on to victimize more boys.

Duterte said he was being sarcastic when he told troops last week that he would take responsibility for any crimes they commit while implementing martial law that he declared in the southern third of the country, even if they rape three women.

In Dauphin County Friday, Spanier faces a maximum of 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

In a court filing unsealed Thursday, the Pennsylvania attorney general's office also assailed two one-time Penn State administrators for their testimony in Spanier's March trial after they pleaded guilty in the case.

Curley, Schultz and Spanier have denied they were told the encounter in the shower was sexual in nature.

Prosecutors said his lack of remorse for Sandusky's victims is telling.

Boccabella also criticized legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, whose 45-year career ended ignominiously with his firing days after Sandusky's 2011 indictment.

The Hall of Fame coach was never charged with a crime, but a report commissioned by the university concluded he was part of an effort to keep a lid on the allegations against Sandusky for fear of bad publicity.

As a result of the Sandusky case, the university has paid out almost a quarter-billion dollars in fines, court verdicts, settlements and other costs. Paterno, who was sacked in the aftermath of Sandusky's 2011 indictment and died of lung cancer months later, testified he thought McQueary witnessed something sexual, and he urged McQueary to report the incident to Curley.

In 2001, a graduate assistant named Mike McQueary saw Sandusky abusing a boy and reported what he observed to head coach Joe Paterno, Schultz and Curley.

Spanier has encountered such a punishment due to "endangering children by failing to report signs" that Sandusky was sexually abusing boys during his time at the university.

Ultimately, they agreed not to contact child welfare authorities.



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