Putin: Russian state has never been involved in hacking

"They would wake up, read about something going on in interstate relations and if they feel patriotic, they may try to contribute to the fight against those who speak badly about Russian Federation". The statement, combined with Putin saying that Russian Federation does not share a "tight" relationship with Pakistan, are expected to be a great diplomatic boost for India.

"We're not doing this on the state level", Putin said Thursday.

An intelligence expert questioned handing back two diplomatic facilities to Russian Federation after they were shut down as punishment for interfering in the presidential election.

On October 7, 2016, the US National Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security jointly said that Russian Federation hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's personal email account and leaked their documents to WikiLeaks.

After the Democratic National Committee was hacked, WikiLeaks released thousands of emails in July 2016, three days before the start of the Democratic National Convention.

The Russian government has flatly denied the claim, which the FBI, CIA and NSA endorsed in January. This was also the first time an Indo-Russia summit was held in St Petersburg. "Modern technology allows this to be done, and done easily".

Putin also said he is convinced that hackers can not affect election results in any country. We aren't planning to be involved in it. "The US, do you have (close relations)?", he said, speaking through an interpreter.

U.S. officials have said they tipped off French officials that Russian hackers had targeted the campaign of Emmanuel Macron before he won the second round of the presidential campaign.

President Vladimir Putin has expressed regret that anti-Russian sentiments in the US have prevented cooperation on fighting terrorism.

However, the head of the French government's cyber security agency said on Thursday that no evidence of Russian involvement in that attack had been found.

ANSSI experts investigated the hack, which resulted in about 9GB of data being dumped on the internet less than 48 hours before the second round run-off between Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

United States and Japanese cyber security firms earlier linked the attack to a group known as Advanced Persistent Threat 28, Fancy Bear, or Pawn Storm, which is believed to have perpetrated the DNC attack and which some experts say is linked to the GRU. The two countries are planning to jointly develop the contested islands while keeping them under Russian administration.

USA intelligence agencies have accused Russian Federation of hacking into Democratic Party emails, helping Trump's election victory, and the congressional and FBI investigations into the Trump campaign's ties with Russian Federation have shattered Moscow's hopes for a detente with Washington. Trump has dismissed the claim as "fake news" and Steele as a "failed spy".

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was named the special prosecutor, which Trump called the "single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!"

The committee said Thursday that Comey will testify in an open session, which will be followed by a closed session.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has heaped praise on US President Donald Trump - but warned of a new wave of "Russo-phobic hysteria" preventing good relations between the two countries.

Meeting with global journalists on Thursday, Putin said "there are certain dimensions we can pursue more actively in fighting terror" - but "Russo-phobic hysteria" in the USA has made such cooperation all but impossible. Putin said he hoped "Russophobia" in the West would "not last for too long, not forever, if only because the understanding has to come that it is counterproductive and harms everyone".



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