DHS hopeful Clarke denies plagiarism in master's thesis

A Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke appears to have plagiarized parts of his master's thesis CNN reports

His thesis, "Making U.S. security and privacy rights compatible, failed to attribute his sources properly a minimum of 47 times". The cable network reported some of the plagiarised passages were taken from ACLU reports, the 9/11 Commission Report, a Washington Post article and a Pew Research Center report. It has since been removed from the school's website.

Clarke told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Sunday that "only someone with a political agenda would say this is plagiarism".

Without commenting on the claims in their reporting, Sheriff David Clark snarled at the CNN team that says he plagiarized repeatedly almost four dozen times in his master's thesis. To drive the point home, Clarke did not hold himself back from calling Kaczynski, one of the reporters who wrote the CNN report, names.

Clarke, who campaigned around the country as a surrogate for Trump, said Wednesday that he would leave Sheriff's Office next month to become an assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

A spokesperson for the Naval Postgraduate School told CNN that they would launch a plagiarism review in light of the news.

In response to the allegations, Clarke, who is known in conservative circles as "America's Sheriff" due to his near constant presence on Fox News and other conservative outlets, tweeted about CNN's reporting. Under the guidelines of the school, if passages are quoted verbatim, no matter what length these passages are they "must" be set off in quotation marks. Guy is a sleaze bag.

David Lapan, a department spokesman, said by email that no announcement on Clarke had been made.

During the 2016 presidential race, Clarke was a close ally of Trump and had praised him since the president took office in January.

The tenor of Clarke's tweet is somewhat odd as Paul apologized for careless citation practices and Crowley withdrew her name from consideration for a position on the National Security Council after Kacsynski's reporting. He has criticized the Black Lives Matter movement, which grew out of protests over a number of police killings of unarmed black men, as "subhuman creeps".

Clarke's tenure as sheriff was controversial before questions of plagiarism arose, as multiple inmates have died in the jail he runs in Milwaukee County. An inquest jury recommended charges against seven of his jail staffers over a dehydration death at the Milwaukee County Jail.

In an opinion article in The Post Thursday, Juliette Kayyem, a former assistant secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, said if Clarke is correct, he is being tapped for her old job.



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