U.S. works on climate interests relevant if Trump stays in United Nations pact

Mark Dixon  Creative Commons			Thousands of protesters partake in the 2017 DC Climate March on April 29

The American president may also opt to abandon the U.S.' pledge to reduce emissions by 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. Even countries such as Liberia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which are among the poorest in the world and were struggling with an Ebola epidemic at the time, have signed on. Additionally, the country is implementing policies to boost renewable energy capacity and reduce coal imports, which CAT believes could "see a significant slowing down in the growth of Carbon dioxide emissions over the next decade".

"Certain sectors are concerned that too much leadership on emissions reductions could cost Europe jobs", one cable reads in part. "The U.S. can grow their economy and improve their quality of life without increasing energy use". The trip, which begins tomorrow, includes visits to the Middle East, the Vatican and Brussels, and meetings of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the G-7 major developed countries.

The Paris Agreement contained pledges and aspirations but work is still being done to develop actual action that this achieve the goals. Each country sets its own climate goals, and there's no legal outcome for missing that goal.

Furthering the conversation on climate finance, including accounting of finance that countries have provided and mobilized, and on how to the Adaptation Fund can serve the Paris Agreement. China and the European Union, among others, have already reaffirmed their commitments in light of Trump's comments.

"In the bilateral ahead of the G-7, Gentiloni is going to tell Trump that Italy - along with the other European Union governments - strongly support the Paris Agreement regardless of what the USA does", said Mauro Albrizio, European affairs director at Italy-based environmental group Legambiente.

What is that damage?

He emerged from a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in April declaring that China was not, after all, a currency manipulator as he had said throughout the presidential campaign.

The cuts in energy demand in China and India are significant because their economies are growing at 7 percent annually, significantly faster than the world average of 2.7 percent (and U.S. GDP growth of 2.6 percent), according to the World Bank.

"Pulling out of the Paris agreement would be an unforced error in the sense of undermining our diplomatic efforts going forward", Keohane said.

But Trump has shown he can be influenced to abandon long-held foreign policy positions when he meets with world leaders.

However, Sen. Rounds is incorrect in stating that the American people do not support the agreement. "There's so much fluidity in worldwide politics" that the diplomatic hit would be temporary, said Pat Michaels of the libertarian-leaning Cato Institute.

Thousands of delegates are meeting here in Bonn to develop the rule book for the Paris deal. The US would need to adopt similarly ambitious policies, he added.

"We operate within the commitment of the agreement and we also expect others to do the same". Chinese negotiator Su Wei made this clear when he explained his government's position that the objective of the Paris Agreement is to "reinforce and enhance" the UNFCCC, not rewrite it.

It's time for this administration to keep its promise, by getting the US out of this flawed, costly agreement. Unlike Paris, which stipulates that the earliest a country can quit the agreement is November 2020, withdrawal from the FCCC is allowed with one year's notice. It is the 1992 United Nations climate treaty signed by President George H.W. Bush at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and later was ratified by the U.S. Senate.

When it signed the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016, China pledged that it's greenhouse-gas emissions would peak no later than 2030 and would plunge after that, while the United States set a lackluster emission-reduction target that it meant to dramatically improve over time, and India pledged to slow growth in emissions by ratcheting up its renewable-sector.



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