Voiptime Cloud Releases a Lead Management System with an Online Dialer

Voiptime Cloud Releases a Lead Management System with an Online Dialer

The system will enable businesses to automate their sales process by organizing leads, setting callbacks and follow-ups, storing client information and making cost efficient online calls.

February 2017, Voiptime Cloud, sales solutions developer, announces a release of the cloud Lead Management System with an online click-to-call dialer.

Lead Organizing

Sales Agents often keep their customer data in different spreadsheets, email and phone contacts and even in notebooks. When the information is spread in several sources, it is difficult to find contact needed and easy to forget important details. Keeping leads organized and managed smartly helps company to increase revenue and to catch every sales opportunity available.

Voiptime Cloud solution helps to store the company customer database in one place so contacts are perfectly organized and are not lost when a sales manager leaves the company.

Contacts can be gathered in groups and assigned from one Sales Agent to Another.

The client card contains communication history (emails, notes, callback notes, documents etc) and can be used as a client knowledge database. By knowing client’s preferences business can set relationships with clients more successfully and to provide a better customer service.

Lead Management

All client card fields are easy to adjust according to needs of particular company. Callbacks and follow-ups may be scheduled in the calendar. The reminder is displayed in the system as well as sent to the email.

A note about callback or follow-up appears in the client card interaction history feed as soon as it is made.

Voiptime Cloud Sales Automation software will feature:

  • Adjustable client card fields
  • SIP numbers
  • Calendar
  • E-mail integration
  • Interaction history
  • Ability to attach documents to client cards
  • Lead assigning
  • Lead filtering
  • Lead statistics
  • Lead tracking
  • Online Dialer

Voiptime Cloud LMS will enable making calls directly from the system. To start calling the user just needs to register SIP number in the system. Easy click-to-call dialer guarantees high quality of connection. Online calling is also very cost-effective, especially when making calls to different states or countries.

Online Access

Voiptime Lead Management System is a cloud solution, accessible from any desktop or laptop with an internet access. The deployment process is really quick and easy. Sales Manager just needs to register, sign in and add team members. They will receive an email notification with password, log in, import their contacts and can start calling them and adding notes in few minutes after the registration. Calls are made directly from the system, so no additional software is needed, just a set of headphones.

Start managing leads with Voiptime Cloud. Tips for Agents.

  • Gather all of your leads in the Voiptime LMS (upload .xlsx files and integrate Voiptime Cloud solution with your e-mail).
  • Adjust client card fields according to your needs.
  • Group contacts by relevance.
  • Set callbacks, notifications, and reminders to nurture the lead.
  • Use Time Zone feature to schedule a call at the most effective time.
  • Attach agreements and other documents to client card.
  • Record calls so you can listen to them later and to check information if needed.
  • Support

All Voiptime Cloud maintenance and upgrades is made online by company developers; no need for extra IT help is needed.

The next tool for sales automation Voiptime Cloud team is working on is a Predictive Dialer. It will feature in 4 modes: Predictive, Power, Progressive and Preview and will help companies to make B2C cold calls easier and more effective. Predictive Dialer tool will be released in fall 2017.

Voiptime Cloud Lead Management System recently received a Rising Star Award and Great User Experience 2017 Award by FinancesOnline international software review website.

For more information about Voiptime Cloud and Lead Management System, please visit www.voiptimecloud.com

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E-mail: sales@voiptimecloud.com



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