Breathtaking stunt by teens climbing Golden Gate Bridge without safety gear

Ezra Shaw  Getty

A week before the landmark structure's 80th anniversary, a couple of miscreants scaled to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge and dangled off the cables.

In the vein of the current adage "it didn't happen if it's not on film", two teenagers recently illegally climbed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and filmed themselves doing it. Climbing the Golden Gate Bridge is a highly punishable offense. "These climbers' reckless actions could have caused immeasurable harm to those driving below".

The climbers have been identified but not charged with trespassing on the bridge.

"I would definitely discourage anybody from climbing the Golden Gate Bridge", Teatime said. "My heart was pumping, but at the same time there is a calm, a peacefulness".

Teatime, who has been climbing all his life, said he wasn't afraid because he has climbed taller structures before. They even hang off the railing with just one leg on top of the 745-foot bridge without any fear. "It was wonderful being up there and taking in all the views".

Although the Milwaukee resident could not recall the date of the stunt, he said it was about 3 a.m. when he and Rector began scaling the ropes and steel beam. Teatime said they were mindful of the cars below and the risk they posed to those vehicles. "As long as we are not hurting anyone, I don't see anything wrong with it". "There's the bridge, let's do it", Teatime beamed to KPIX/CBS 5.

"Coming down was easy". "I always get hate from the general public". "Not many people go where we went". They did not use harnesses or other fall protection, district officials said.

As if climbing the iconic structure wasn't enough, the duo also chose to dangle from the cables and hang off the edge of one of the towers. No security alarms were triggered, and so the bridge's patrol team were not aware of the incident when it was occurring. He also pointed out that he and his friend did not harm anyone or damage any property. "Our security systems are developed to keep people from harming the structure". Our security system is not created to prevent thrill-seekers from harming themselves.

In February 2001, a group of students from the University of British Columbia crept onto the span under the cover of thick morning fog and, within minutes, suspended from the bridge the shell of a red Volkswagen Beetle, part of an engineering school prank.



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