Trump says he will make 'fast decision' on Comey replacement

Trump wrote on Twitter Friday morning.

For a White House accustomed to bouts of chaos, Trump's handling of Comey's firing could have serious and long-lasting implications.

American democracy is separately "under assault" from President Donald Trump and Russian Federation, the former US intelligence chief warned Sunday, expressing dismay over the abrupt firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey amid a probe into Moscow's meddling in USA elections and possible ties with the Trump campaign.

Schiff on Sunday said Trump "needs to come clean" about whether his claim was "yet another fabrication" or whether he did indeed record his conversations with Comey.

I will "absolutely" subpoena tapes between Comey and Trump if they exist GOP chairman: Trump's Comey tweet "inappropriate" GOP senator: Special prosecutor "on the table" MORE (R-N.C.), said that while another committee may need to subpoena the tapes, it is essential to make sure they don't "mysteriously disappear".

He leans heavily on daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, as well as Hope Hicks, his trusted campaign spokeswoman and Keith Schiller, his longtime bodyguard.

The former director of the agency, James Comey, was sacked by Trump earlier this week in a stunning move that has raised questions about the underlying motivation.

The decision is subject to confirmation by the US Senate, where Republicans have a majority. Clapper said America's founding fathers had created three co-equal branches of government with checks and balances, but with Trump as president, that was now "eroding". Still, Priebus was among the tight circle of staffers Trump consulted about Comey's firing.

"The fact that they had a private conversation in which the president, by his own admission, was discussing the future of Director Comey in that job and the president brings up whether he's under investigation?"

The White House said Mr Spicer was called up to reserve duty for the Navy for those days. He's viewed even senior advisers suspiciously, including Bannon and Priebus, when stories about internal White House drama land in the press. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., if it is "accurate that the rank-and-file no longer supported Director Comey?"

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was tasked with drafting a pretext for Comey's firing.


He increasingly sees himself as the White House's only effective spokesman and has even floated the idea of ending press briefings entirely in a move that has anxious even Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, usually a vocal supporter of the president.

Trump abruptly fired Comey on Tuesday and later said Comey was a "showboat" and "grandstander" who was not doing a good job, drawing a firestorm of criticism.

The president said all the candidates were "highly respected, really talented people". "He's a little bit like a quarterback that gets ahead of his offensive line". Aides were also eager for Trump's first foreign trip, a high-stakes blitz through the Middle East and Europe.



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