Melissa McCarthy confronts, makes out with Trump on SNL

McCarthey said. "What are you guys doing here?"

That wasn't the only sketch for Baldwin's Trump.

For this skit, McCarthy can be seen, of course, in the bushes, as Sarah Huckabee Sanders fills his role as Press Secretary.

The depiction referenced a Washington Post article detailing Mr Spicer's awkward retreat into the shrubbery to avoid the media following the unceremonious dismissal of former FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday.

As a Mother's Day treat, Melissa McCarthy whisked an audience member at Saturday Night Live backstage, and there were a lot of surprises. "Let's do this, first question: Michelin Man - oh, I'm sorry, I mean Glenn".

"I am being honest with you", McCarthy's Spicer answers. "I'm telling you exactly what President Trump told me".

Blowing his top, Spicer ripped down a support column and hurled it at the reporter. "He - he wouldn't do that". For example, McCarthy and McKinnon explain, straight-faced how they had to have ribs removed in order to make it in Hollywood: "Back then, to be a star, you had to lose a couple bones", McKinnon quips.

However, Spicer soon fell into a disillusioned despair after a number of reporters asked him if he'd ever considered the possibility that Trump has been lying to him and feeding him dishonest information.

To find out, McCarthy's dismayed Spicer took his moving lectern to the streets of NY to speak with Trump.

The show's season finale is May 20.

A distraught Spicer was not sure if he could do the job anymore, afraid of being replaced by Sanders.

"Sean Spicer Returns" What started like most other Spicer sketches transformed into an auteur's vision of the Spicer-Trump relationship that ended with the two of them making out. "She doesn't have your special spice: salt and pepper, a little bit of sugar". "You are articulate and charming, whereas Sean is bullish", a reporter adds.

But McCarthy has a ways to go to take the "SNL" hosting record from Alec Baldwin.

"I can't, I have a wife".

"I'm famous, it's OK", says Baldwin's Trump. In the end, perhaps, the bar was set too high for the sketch comedy staple, that was to follow an already freaky series of news events. Photos and video of McCarthy, as Spicer, in midtown Manhattan, rolling around behind the White House lectern, also stoked expectations. Her spot also was a break from the show's reliance on Baldwin to poke fun at Trump.



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