Caitlyn's popularity plunges dramatically in latest list of top baby names

Media playback is unsupported on your device                  Media caption'My children are dealing with the loss of Bruce

It was followed by Liam, William, Mason and James.The agency also lists the baby names that increase - and decrease - the most in popularity.All four versions of Caitlyn fell out of the top 1,000.Wattenberg said it would be wrong to blame Caitlyn's drop in popularity exclusively to a wave of homophobia.

The Associated Press reports that now the name is too "controversial".

The annual Social Security Administration list of 2016's 1,000 most popular baby names was released Friday.

Four variations of Kaitlyn, Katelyn, Caitlin, and Caitlyn fell off the top 1,000 list, with Kaitlyn (197) and Katelyn (239) falling furthest. She noted that "Even parents who are huge Donald Trump supporters are unlikely to name their child Donald", a name which dropped 45% in popularity previous year.

Laura Wattenberg, founder of, told AP the name's plunge was "inevitable".

She spoke about how she had maintained Jenner's secret for two years before she transitioned.

After celebrating the arrival of her 11th grandchild, she said it was fun to think that new additions to the family will only have met her following her gender transition.

However, Caitlyn insists any book written by Kris wouldn't be as "juicy" as her own writing.

One wrote: "Don't normally watch #ThisMorning but what a lovely interview with Caitlyn Jenner".

The 67-year-old reality star revealed her new identity in April 2015, after transitioning from her former identity of Bruce. "It is a huge, major, major decision in your life".

"I'm sure I downplayed it a lot because at that time I was trying to get back into life because I had isolated myself in a house for six years". "He did a lot in his life". Oh, "he didn't even exist". He worked his butt off.

It's disappointing. I say so many nice things about her in the book. He won the [Olympic] Games.



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