Trump threatens Comey: 'Better hope' there are no tapes of our conversations

The Federal Bureau of Investigation probe and parallel congressional investigations have cast a cloud over Trump's presidency since he took office on January 20, threatening to overwhelm his policy priorities.

Trump says Comey had told him three times he was not under investigation in the Russian Federation probe.

The tweets follow a report in the New York Times that Trump had asked Comey to pledge his loyalty to the president.

Trump also hit back on Friday at media reports questioning the credibility of White House accounts of why Comey was sacked, which have changed over the course of the week and threatened an end to regular White House press briefings.

On Friday, Spicer told reporters that the president was "dismayed" at the focus on the accuracy of statements delivered by his spokesmen. According to the two anonymous sources cited in the story, Comey had replied that he could give Trump his "honesty".

He said there had been no attempt to impede the investigation and that he believed it would be unaffected by Mr Comey's departure.

But in an interview on Thursday, Trump said he was planning to fire Comey regardless of what the Justice Department recommended. I'm not talking about anything else.

"I know that I'm not under investigation. Me".

(2) Mr. Trump initially misrepresented the reason for the firing and allowed other members of his administration, including Vice President Pence, to grossly misinform Congress and the public.

Mr Trump also defended his media team over criticism at their handling of this week's event - and threatened to abandon the policy of holding daily press briefings. The FBI typically does not confirm their existence.

Asking such a question "would come close to bribery. or at least obstruction of justice, which Comey would've had to be an idiot to fall for by offering the assurance sought", Tribe said.

He meanwhile pledged not to discuss the Russian Federation investigation with the White House, saying it had adequate resources to proceed. "I don't see it as a conflict of interest", Sanders said.

Mr Trump showed no concern that the request might be viewed as interference in an active Federal Bureau of Investigation probe. "It hasn't recovered from that", Trump explained why he wanted to fire Comey. "He's a showboat, he's a grandstander".

Trump's statements raised even more questions about his decision to fire the FBI director who was running an investigation into possible collusion between Trump campaign associates and Russians seeking to influence the 2016 presidential election.

In his first interview since firing Mr Comey on Tuesday, Mr Trump appeared to try to underscore that Mr Comey's dismissal was about his performance at the FBI and not about the Russian Federation investigation.

In testimony to the Senate intelligence committee, he also cast doubt on White House claims that Mr Comey had lost the confidence of his staff.

"He said: 'You are not under investigation'". "All of the agents involved in the investigation are still in their positions".

U.S. intelligence agencies concluded in a January report that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered an effort to disrupt the 2016 election that included hacking into Democratic Party emails and leaking them, with the aim of helping Trump.



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