New bill would release Trump's state tax returns

President Donald Trump proposed slashing the corporate tax rate to 15 percent as part of his proposal to overhaul the US income tax system. As former Sen. Phil Gramm pointed out recently, past official scoring of tax legislation failed to fully anticipate the economic gains that follow pro-growth tax reductions. "We probably could not ignore a large drop in USA corporate tax rates". Depending on what comes out of the Congress, it could be.

"I was in Washington a week or so ago, and in Washington there is a broad consensus that a border adjustment tax isn't going to happen", he said. Reach him by com rteuber vonbriesen email or by phone at (414) 270-2538.

Analysts who spoke with VOA believe there is little chance the president's tax reform proposal will become law in its current form. But the instinctive public reactions are that President Trump - and corporations - will get tax breaks from it.

Tax avoidance probably has big fixed costs - you have to hire teams of lawyers and set up foreign subsidiaries. According to the plan, however, the deductions for retirement savings will be preserved. But there is a Trump tax issue that gets wide support: by almost two to one, the public still wants the President to release his tax returns. The federal government is effectively subsidizing the big spending in those states at the expense of the lower tax states. Almost 75 percent of pass-through income flows to the 10 percent wealthiest taxpayers, according to the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

The president stressed that the tax reform on the whole will focus on helping middle class and will also include a "much-needed relief for low- and middle-income parents raising children".

Both the TPC and Tax Foundation estimated the blueprint's revenue effects, with the TPC also taking into account repeal of the Affordable Care Act taxes.

Nevada is one of only nine states with no state income tax to deduct.

"One of the most hard things about tax reform is estimating the dynamic effect of the reforms", Professor Scott Dyreng said. And the elimination of tax deductions and other loopholes would raise revenue as well, he contended.

The Morning Consult survey suggests voters are on board with some parts of the Trump tax plan, but not overwhelmingly.

And Donna Seabusch, the owner of Cookie Creations in Atlanta, says tax cuts will help businesses still trying to recover from the downturn.

The government's budget deficit could explode under the plan, offsetting numerous benefits for the economy, economists say.

77% say tax reform will improve their global competitiveness.

Side note, only 30 percent of corporations pay taxes at all, for a whole variety of reasons. This brings the METR on new investment all the way down to zero, regardless of what the statutory corporate tax rate is. Doing so will avoid a disadvantage to business owners who operate through pass-through entities rather than as C corporations. Traditional economic theory says that, all else equal, the relationship between interest rates and government debt should be quite strong, but we know that in reality all is not necessarily equal.

Currently, federal taxes on fuel amount to 18.4 cents-per-gallon for gasoline, and 24.4 cents-per-gallon for diesel - rates that have remained unchanged since 1993, essentially leaving the United States government's Highway Trust Fund tapped out and causing much-needed road repairs to be deferred. Therefore, it is necessary to bring these rates into parity.

Economists measure the tax burden on new investment with what is called the "marginal effective tax rate" (METR). For simplicity, assume this entire amount is taxed at 35 percent. The administration has explained that these rules are being developed through discussion with legislators and will require time to complete. This is known as a "territorial" system. Currently, corporate taxpayers are taxed on their worldwide income.

The state School Boards Association reported Wednesday that the average proposed school district tax levy increase for 2017-18 will be 1.48 percent.

Trump's plan would replace the current seven income tax brackets with three, and the top bracket would drop from 39.6 percent to 35 percent.

When Will We See Actual Reform?



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