US needs September 'shutdown' to fix Senate 'mess'

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis. pauses during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington to talk about the failed health care bill. “Obamacare” is showing surprising staying power thanks in large part

Tuesday, during a speech honoring the Air Force Academy football team, President Trump took a moment to press Congress on Healthcare: "How's healthcare coming, folks?"

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn pushes back on Trump's call for a shutdown: "There have been comments from a number of people from a number of sources of shutdown being a good tactic". The vote tally was largely along party lines, with no Democrats voting in favor of the bill.

Two of President Donald Trump's top deputies are delivering a combative defense of the budget deal forged to keep the government funded through September.

The Trump administration also came out in support of the measure on Tuesday. Lawmakers announced Sunday they had reached an agreement to avoid a shutdown until September - a deal that does not include several provisions sought by Trump, including funding for a border wall.

Here are the Republican and Democratic wins in the $1 trillion funding package.

Trump suggested the U.S. may "need" a shutdown of the federal government in September unless the Senate abolished the filibuster, a tweet which has followed months of frustration for Trump in the Capitol. Leaving Washington whipsawed, Trump hours later praised the spending bill as a major accomplishment. House Republican aims to boost feds' cyber workforce GOP senator: I'll try to add Russian Federation sanctions to Iran bill Overnight Energy: GOP mulls changes to monuments law MORE (R-S.C.) said while he was "pretty much" a no on the omnibus funding bill, he didn't think a government shutdown was ever "good".

President Trump has played that role this time.

US political analysts agreed with Trump that his Democratic opponents won most of the funding disputes in this week's budget negotiations.

Asked how the president would define a "good shutdown", Mulvaney suggested "it would be one that fixes this town".

The really depressing fact for the GOP is that even if this bill gets out of the House, its prospects in the Senate are bad, with one knowledgeable source saying there are only 25 senators who would vote for it at present.

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Is GOP health care bill on life support? With the defection of former Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Fred Upton this morning, the effort may well be dead. Also, insurers would be able to charge higher premiums to those with medical issues if they let their coverage lapse. An analogous bill passed the House in 2013 but died in the Senate.

The bill would make major changes to the Affordable Care Act, eliminating the taxes on wealthy individuals, industries and others, as well as jettisoning the individual mandate that requires Americans to purchase insurance or face a penalty.

House Speaker Paul Ryan signaled Tuesday that the leadership still does not have the votes to pass the current bill to repeal and replace Obamacare - but Republican leaders and the White House are not giving up and things remain extremely fluid.

Mulvaney said he'd been barraged with questions over why the bill was bipartisan, given the sole GOP control of Congress.

Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) said, "if we have the votes then we'll vote".

House Republican leaders were more cautious. Multiple GOP members said there is no indication on vote timing on health care.

"This was not winning from the Republican point of view", he said on CNN, adding that the Democrats "clean our clock" in these negotiations. The bill's fate is uncertain there, but a more moderate measure it is widely expected to emerge there.



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