Larry 'Google' Page has shown off his flying vehicle

The website offered few details about the company, but several reports in recent months have said Page has poured millions of dollars into Kitty Hawk and another electric auto startup. If you're ready to buy and then fly (the company says you can learn how in just "minutes") - keep any eye on the company's website.

It doesn't exactly look like the flying cars we saw in The Jetsons, but this is Larry Page's vision of futuristic transportation. The first version of the Kitty Hawk Flyer, shown off in a video released today, is designed specifically to fly above water. Thank god for that.

But calling the Kitty Hawk Flyer a "flying car" is roughly analogous to describing Tara Reid a "good actress". He says eventually people will be able to fly themselves to and from work in something like this.

Flying cars are no longer just a fantasy from The Jetson's. The Flyer is powered by electricity and is created to operate over water.

You'll find more information on Kitty Hawk's website. Kitty Hawk has confirmed that the production model that will go on sale later this year will have a different design than the prototype revealed. No price has been set but interested parties can sign up for a three-year membership that grants them priority, as well as a $2,000 discount off the retail price of the craft.

Under the U.S. regulations it is classified - we can assume the Kitty Hawk Flyer weighs less than 115kg, and cannot be flown faster than 100km/h, can be flown by a single person only (no passengers) and must only be flown in uncongested airspace.

This shows Kitty Hawk is moving in a completely different direction from other electric auto companies. The CEO of Kitty Hawk is Sebastian Thrun, cofounder of Udacity and the father of Google's self-driving vehicle project.

Driving a auto is not a skill that is learned in minutes, but rowing a boat or riding a bicycle is notoriously easy, so this craft may be created for leisure use in situations where lakes and rivers are concerned.



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