Hawaii lawmakers criticize Sessions' island judge remarks

If Jeff Sessions was stunned that a judge in Hawaii can check Trump, the rest of us are stunned that Jeff Sessions is the Attorney General of the United States.

Sessions made the comments in an interview with "The Mark Levin Show" Tuesday evening that was put online Wednesday.

That island, of course, is part of a state, and the president's travel ban applies to it as much as the rest of the country. Several courts in the mainland United States have come to the same conclusion: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California, the U.S. District Court in Virginia and the U.S. District Court in Washington had all issued rulings against Trump's travel ban prior to Watson. "This is a huge matter".

Senator Mazie Hirono tweeted, "Hey Jeff Sessions, this #IslandinthePacific has been the 50th state for going on 58 years". The Department of Justice is now appealing the decision.

Hirono also slammed Sessions in a statement: "The suggestion that being from Hawaii somehow disqualifies Judge Watson from performing his Constitutional duty is risky, ignorant, and prejudiced".

VELSHI: Attorney General, what do you have to say about that?

Jeff Sessions has no regrets. Hawaii became a state in 1959.

She pointed out that Sessions actually voted in favor of Watson becoming a federal judge back when Watson was being confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson last month blocked President Donald Trump's executive order prohibiting new visas for people from six Muslim-majority countries and temporarily halting the U.S. refugee program. What he meant, I think, was that since most travel is to the mainland US and since the ban is related to Trump's overarching policy of more secure borders, it's unfair that a judge who sits outside the mainland and doesn't normally deal with traditional border issues would set policy for the country, even temporarily. "Our Constitution created a separation of powers in the United States for a reason", he said.

"We can not fault the president for being politically incorrect, but we do fault him for being constitutionally incorrect", Mr Chin said. He accused Sessions of not being respectful to all federal courts that are constitutionally co-equal partners with the president and Congress. "It is disappointing [Attorney General] Sessions does not acknowledge that".

"Well I think that was a perfectly correct statement", Sessions told MSNBC's Ali Velshi.

One writer hoped Sessions would take a "three-hour" tour, when he could presumably get lost on "Gilligan's Island".



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