NYC man accused of stalking Obama's daughter

Olivier Douliery-Pool  Getty Images

Just because she's a former first daughter doesn't mean that her spring style isn't eminently relatable: Malia Obama is striding into the season with a little shirtdress swagger.

There were media reports that Cardoso was known to the Secret Service from previous appearances at the White House during the Obama administration, though he has no record of arrests, according to court information, in Washington, D.C.

He was removed from the building by Obama's Secret Service agents.

According to the Daily News, Obama White House staffers had expressed frustration with the way paparazzi photographed the eldest Obama daughter when she was out in public because they feared it could fuel the sort of behavior Cardoso exhibited.

Scarily enough, Malia did experience a security scare outside the Weinstein Company offices on April 12, when it appeared that a man across the street was pretending to be blind so he could stare at her.

Sources said the agents had urged him to stay away two days earlier, after the window incident, but he refused - and apparently returned to spying on her.

In one instance, Cardoso reportedly asked Obama to marry him after showing up to an office where she was completing an internship Tribeca.

On Tuesday, Secret Service agents came to the First Precinct stationhouse in Lower Manhattan and reported Cardoso, sources said. They took him to a nearby hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after they determined that he had undisclosed mental problems.

Authorities are determining if stalking or harassment charges against Cardoso should be filed.

Agents searched Cardoso's apartment Flatbush Avenue, in Brooklyn the following day, and interviewed the 30-year-old. She is expected to enroll at Harvard in the fall.



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