Google reportedly building ad-blocker into Chrome

Google Chrome

Google is planning to introduce an ad-blocking feature in the mobile and desktop versions of its popular Chrome web browser, according to people familiar with the company's plans. They think that pop-ups, auto-playing videos with sound, and ads that use a countdown before they can be dismissed are all bad. You want to make enough money from an ad-supported site to cover costs, but you don't want to annoy users to the point they block all your ads. A built-in blocker on Chrome could keep ads on websites that adhere to the Google-influenced standard of a better ad while blocking what falls "below the standard of consumer acceptability".

It's also suggested that Google will block every ad on a site with a rule-breaking one so that site owners and advertising companies will better police the advertising. Google is reportedly getting ready to take a stand against the worst ads on the web with a built in ad-blocker for Chrome.

Uptake of online ad blocking tools has grown rapidly in recent years, with 26% of U.S. users now employing the software on their desktop devices, according to some estimates. To block the rapid growth of third-party blockers and to better control the process, according to the report. As a result, advertising on Google's search engine and some of the other ads it powers are allowed to pass through Adblock Plus's filters. It would filter out only the ads Google deems unacceptable.

Google declined to state whether it was working on the tool described by the Journal.

Chrome's widespread uptake by internet users means the browser has nearly half of the market when it comes to navigating the web, so putting an ad blocker natively within Chrome and turning it on by default would basically stop cold the growth of third-party options: Users won't actively seek out a way to block ads during their web-browsing sessions if the ads are already blocked to begin with.

In the U.S. Chrome has almost 47.5% of the browser market across all platforms, according to online analytics provider StatCounter.



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