North Korea's missile launch fail

A North Korean missile exploded during launch Sunday from the country's east coast, US and South Korean officials said, a high-profile failure that comes as a powerful USA aircraft carrier approaches the Korean Peninsula in a show of force.

"This launch can possibly be a test for a new type of missile or an upgrade".

A U.S. military official said the USA does not intend to use military force against North Korea in response to either a nuclear test or a missile launch.

Amid the fanfare and regalia of its founder's birthday celebrations, North Korea rolled out what appeared to be new missiles - a brazen display as the country ratchets up its rhetoric against efforts to curb its weapons programs.

"North Korea showing a variety of offensive missiles at yesterday's military parade and daring to fire a ballistic missile today is a show of force that threatens the whole world", South Korea's Foreign Ministry said in a statement. He was the grandfather of the current leader, Kim Jong Un.

But it's very unlikely that North Korea has that technology at this stage.

The event made clear how vital the state's nuclear programme is to its future ambitions as it continues to ignore growing pressure from the U.S. to abandon its nuclear weapons programme.

The display raised concerns that North Korea has developed intercontinental ballistic missiles that would allow the country to attack the mainland USA and Europe, according to CNN.

The parade comes amid rising tensions between North Korea and the rest of the world, after a week-long series of spats directed toward the United States, and a looming possibility of the nation's sixth nuclear test.

The U.S. days earlier dispatched what President Trump called an "armada" of Navy ships in a show of force, including an aircraft carrier, into waters off the communist country. The South Korean government had said earlier this year that Kim Won Hong was sacked from his job as state security minister, presumably over corruption.

"I don't think a strategy that relies on pressuring North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons is going to work", he told Fox News.

On Saturday, state TV showed images of the Pukkuksong-2 SLBMs and several KN-08 and KN-14 missiles on trucks along with tanks and other heavy military hardware being paraded on Kim Il Sung Square in the capital, Pyongyang, presstv reported.

North Korea's goal is a long-range nuclear missile that can strike the continental United States.

Kim Jong Un, wearing a suit and tie, was greeted with thunderous applause, but did not speak during the parade. Experts and government officials believe it is working to develop nuclear-warhead missiles that can reach the US.

This development comes amidst speculations that the regime was preparing to conduct a nuclear test.

Pyongyang conducted two unauthorized nuclear test explosions last year and almost two dozen rocket launches in a years-long push to expand its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

The display featured what appeared to be a new long-range missile and two new types of large missile canisters.



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